One Great Idea

small_4728884645All you need is one great idea.

Well, maybe that’s not ALL you need. You need to be able to execute on that idea. And, you need a network of resources and supporters to help you along the way.

But, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it starts with a great idea. A way to meet an unaddressed need. A product nobody’s produced yet. A role as a new intermediary.

And you don’t have to be a fountain of dozens of business ideas. You just need one.

An idea + courage + a great network is a wonderful formula for success.

What’s your idea?

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About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

2 Responses to One Great Idea

  1. Joe Cascio says:

    This post is especially relevant for me today because I had this idea 2 years ago: as a means for doing 2-factor authentication for online payments. It didn’t work out because I didn’t have a willing hardware guy in my network. So yes, an extensive network of friends in diverse occupations is critical to getting an idea out of your head and into reality. But beyond that, they have to be willing to help you, join forces, take the risk with you.

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