Steve’s Sticky Stuff 11_9

Do you ever feel like you’re pulling too much weight? You’re not alone…It’s not out yet, but looks like an interesting new web application…JotSpace, a free on-line whiteboard.

Just for fun, let this site load, and watch the action.

Cassini takes a phenomenal shot from behind Saturn (extremely high res). Yes, that little dot behind the rings is Earth. I may have linked to this one before. Well, it’s just as impressive today!

Some Glass Eye Candy

brokenbayer2.jpgWow. Very cool photos of glasses shattering, and the effect on liquids inside. Shatteringly good!

Quote of the Day

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, “Make me feel important.”

Mary Kay Ash, founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics

(hat tip: AdvaMed SmartBrief newsletter)

The Best 2 Minutes You’ll Spend Today

If you haven’t yet seen the brief video clip of an autistic high school boy who gets his moment in the sun during a basketball game, then click here. It will be the best 2 minutes of your day – guaranteed!

Brand DNA – instant recognition

Seth Godin has an insightful post on how quickly certain things (such as the first notes of a song) can register on us, and bring up the “brand” represented.

Off the top of my head, I think this type of imparted Brand DNA comes from at least 3 things:

– Repetition

– Consistency

– Strong (hopefully, positive!) association

Recently, one of my sons, who is taking drum lessons, was given a CD to learn from, by a rock group from the 70’s. I vaguely recalled the name of the group but couldn’t “place” the song names in my head. However, moments after the CD started to spin, I had the whole song flooding back from memory. Repetition, don’t you know, from years ago.

I remember, over a decade ago now, when I used to fly more regularly into Chicago, that there was (and still is) a Starbucks located at the entrance to O’Hare’s Terminal E/F. Coming into that city, my nose would be attuned to this positive association, and it was always there. Plus, they had one at McCormick Center, where I’d be each year for a trade show in November – and I’d unfailingly walk however long it was in that gargantuan place to get my morning Starbucks. Those experiences helped embed the Starbucks DNA into my system.

Now, if I could just get a piece of Seth’s DNA and graft it into my makeup!

My Most Popular Post – I Can’t Believe it!

Like most bloggers, I like to peek “under the hood” and see which posts generate the most traffic. And, since search engines drive so much surfing these days, it’s particularly enlightening to see which terms are used frequently that draw people to my site.

Some of the searches are truly bizarre. Why my site comes up in response to certain word combinations (some of which I won’t reproduce here!) is sometimes a mystery!

But what query brings the most visitors? Dr. Pepper’s 23 flavors.

I did a post on this marketing campaign some months back, which I consider a brilliant move by the Dr. Pepper folks. In that post, I mentioned how this “23 flavors” theme creates a sense of mystery – so just what are these wonderful flavors?

And, sure enough, tons of people are searching the Internet trying to find out! They come to my site because I did a post – not because I can reveal the “23” secret! – but I suspect folks are rummaging around the web trying to find the answer to this puzzle. It’s a great marketing concept.

I don’t think it would work so well for bottled water, however…

Brands You Can Take to the Bank!

Last week, I drove by some sign for Citizen’s Bank. It registered in my obsessive brand-consciousness that this was a particularly weak logo – what do a bunch of arrows pointing to one another have to do with anything? Then, going on their website, I noted that the tagline is, at least, consistent with the logo – weak and meaningless. The name of the bank isn’t bad, but someone please invest some money in a better identity campaign!

That got me thinking of another bank that recently went through a merger and re-branding. Just what is a Wachovia, anyway? And what is the logo trying to portray? Shouldn’t a name and logo have a certain self-evident meaning to it? If someone has to ask how to pronounce something, or query as to the meaning of a logo, then the game is over before it starts.

I happen to bank at Bank of America – only because the branch where we started banking long ago has gone through however many mergers, and BofA is the last acquirer of record! BofA’s logo is strong, although their prior campaign slogan (Higher Standards) had no particular emotional content. However, the new BofA campaign (Bank of Opportunity) directly speaks to people’s aspirations, and their new ads are quite effective.

Of all bank names, however, none sinks lower in my mind than Fifth Third Bank, with their highly intuitive web address, What were these people thinking? And how are they going to compete with First Third, Second Third, Third Third, and Fourth Third? What if First Second opened up down the street (tagline: 1/2 the Bank You Expected!)?

So, what are your most (and least) favorite bank brands, and why?