What They Say

“As business owners, sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. We count on Steve to provide that valuable outside perspective as we develop our marketing strategies and messages. We recently made Steve a member of our Business Advisory Board to gain his insight and direction on how to position ourselves in the market.”

Jennifer Gulbrand and Evelyn Nichols, Managing Partners, Informa Training Partners

“We’ve engaged Steve to help us better define our market strategy and develop our messaging, and his unique skill in rapidly pulling together all the pieces into a clear and simple branding approach is amazing. His incisive analysis pinpointed our main areas of differentiation, and his creative wordsmithing quickly turned that into a go-to-market message.”

Pam Marinko, Chief Executive Officer, Proficient Learning

“Steve Woodruff is one of the best connected networkers I have met, matched only by his business branding prowess. I’ve called on him for market-positioning input, and Steve’s ability to rapidly assess the situation and strategies have proved invaluable.”

Jane Chin, PhD, President, MSL Institute

“I’ve worked with Steve for years as part of a volunteer association (ASTD, American Society for Training and Development). I am continually impressed with Steve’s unique ability to create marketing messages and campaigns so quickly and intelligently. His listening skills and ideas are laser-like and the resulting branding and marketing ideas are pure. Like a good movie, I recall Steve’s ideas the next day and beyond.”

Bob DeCarlo, President, Mid-NJ ASTD; Managing Director, MTN Group

“Steve Woodruff does not just have the credentials to do this work – he has something infinitely more valuable; an innate ability to analyze and craft a value proposition. As a new business owner a decade ago, Steve asked me questions about how our training offerings differed from others on the market. Being so close to the business allowed me to provide a convoluted answer but not the compelling response he sought. Steve’s questions echoed in my mind and helped cut through the fray to identify and articulate our differentiation. To this day, Steve remains a trusted business associate and highly valued consultant.”

Jeanne Male, President, Emp-Higher Performance Development, Inc

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