Steve Woodruff is the world’s only Clarity Therapist, and a Connection Agent.

What does that mean?

My mission is connecting people and businesses with their true identity and message; with creative opportunities to grow and succeed; and with other people and resources to bring about increasing success.

I am creating a network of people who are richer because of these connections, and who will follow that example by enriching others.

The traditional “corporation” will fade in importance to be replaced by something far more exciting – the “co-operation.” And it is my intention to band together with talented, like-minded, pay-it-forward people who are determined to return humanity to business. People who see their purpose, their offering, and their message with clarity.

I’m building the first Connection Agency, made up of great entrepreneurs who are both ethical and highly skilled. This reputation business is built on a solid foundation: each agent has earned the trust that would lead others to recommend them without hesitation to their best friends. This organic referral network is built on the successful principles of my initial trusted referral network, Impactiviti (pharma/healthcare client-vendor matchmaking).

You can find me on Twitter at @swoodruff

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