Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

billsavittYesterday, for no apparent discernible reason, I said something to my wife about “P.O.M.G.”

For those of us who grew up in Central Connecticut a few decades back, that’s “Peace of Mind, Guaranteed.” A tagline and acronym relentlessly pounded into our impressionable little brains in the 60’s and 70’s by Savitt Jeweler’s in Hartford (hey! – Google has just helped me discover that they’re still around!)

Bill Savitt rode that expression on the radio and TV airwaves for years. And here, many decades later, never having gone to Savitt’s for anything, or thought about them in forever, the tagline still sticks.

Do you doubt the power of a great tagline, reinforced through repetition? Don’t. Put your creative juices to work trying to create a hook that will endure. You’ll gain a piece of mind. Guaranteed.

(Some interesting backstory on Bill Savitt, and image credit)


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8 Responses to Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

  1. mycreativeteam says:

    Steve, if it were such a great tagline, you would have gone to Savitt’s to BUY something!

  2. realestateradiousa says:

    Dude..give Steve a break…it was burned into my brain as well. I was a kid and he sponsored one of my little league teams..wasn’t exactly in the market for a diamond.

    Steve looks to be about my age…he was probably a kid as well. But I can tell ya this…my parents took me there often and they were indeed BUYING!

  3. Yep – I was too young when inundated with POMG messages to care about jewelry! And later, when it mattered, I was nowhere near Hartford. But a lot of folks bought stuff at Savitt’s, even if I was more interested in bubble gum at the time!

  4. Beth Harte says:

    Never heard that one, but there are a ton of taglines stuck in my head! “A diamond is forever” comes to mind while we are on the subject of jewelry. 🙂

    A great tagline can be used for decades…unfortunately, companies (and marketers) always want mess around with branding that works. Why is that?! 🙂

  5. It seems to me that this is a philosophy that should be held by all who provide a product or service. Provide the best possible product and/or service, state the truth about your product or service and then stand behind what you offer. It know that the philosophy is idealistic, but if we all expect it and then strive to offer it, the shift may be possible.

  6. Deborah Savitt says:

    I find all the different blogs refreshing…My father was Milton “Duke” Savitt He was in radio in New England The Savitt family was gifted as they knew how to advertise!!!!
    My Dad wrote radio commercials One he was famous for was a slogan for a supermarket which to this day uses his slogan
    GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY! They grew into a Large Chain In Massachusetts & New Hampshire….. My Grandfather was Sam Savitt

  7. Eric O. Costello says:

    Say “Savitt” and you’ll have it
    Don’t delay more than a day
    Peace of Mind…Guarantee…
    Goes with you all the way!

  8. Spring Savitt Asher says:

    Thanks for the memories! (a Bob Hope line)..My dad was

    Bill Savitt and he’s up there lovin’ that you remember him.

    It gives him great POMG… as he would tell my sister

    and me. “You cant sellem’ if you dont tell em” and in his

    days as a radio station owner his pitch to prospective advertisers

    was that he had the proscription for success on radio…”DRS”.

    Domination, Repetition, Saturation. Happy 4th. Spring

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