Why I Follow…Rosa Say

Fridays on Twitter are all about recommending friends (#followfriday). I like to just recommend one at a time. So today, it’s a favorite twitter-friend from our 50th state, Rosa Say (@rosasay).

Why do I follow this smiling Hawaiian? It’s really very simple. Rosa is unfailingly sweet and encouraging.

Now I’m sure that she has many other redeeming qualities. But when I get a tweet from Rosa, it’s a ray of virtual sunshine. And I need plenty of that.

I’ve not yet had the privilege of visiting Hawaii, though I’ve always wanted to. But I know that if I get the chance, I’ll already have a friend there, to provide planning advice and to give a warm aloha upon arrival. Someone I never would have met but through Twitter. And you should meet Rosa too.


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

4 Responses to Why I Follow…Rosa Say

  1. Karen Swim says:


    I second your endorsement of Rosa Say. I follow her on Twitter and follow her blogs. She is truly the embodiment of the Aloha spirit – warm, inviting and generous.

  2. Rosa Say says:

    Aloha Pō‘alima Steve, happy Aloha Friday, and mahalo nui loa – thank you for this great surprise! What a wonderful thing to find when I first click in to Twitter – haven’t even said aloha there yet because your tweet and the retweets from friends gave me their lei of aloha instead… just coming up to 7am here.

    Ke aloha lokomaika‘i – this is such a generous take on the #followfriday meme there, your being the mea ho‘okipa (host) who invites people to say more than the normal 140 and sharing their endorsements too – mahalo Karen for chipping in!

    I go to Twitter often during my days I am not traveling to teach or speak, because it gives me a lift too: The people I am following there are going to encourage me and give me more energy, and they teach me an awful lot, sharing terrific links and kick-starting intriguing conversations on their blogs. I am so tickled to know I may be doing the same thing for you.

    And Steve you got your supposing right – if you do make it to Hawai‘i I am expecting you to call and let me know! I guarantee we will make your first visit there a very memorable one. I know the first time we meet face to face will be memorable wherever it might be, yet Hawai‘i does have her magic!

    I wish you and everyone here all the sunshine your day can possibly hold, thank you Steve! ~ Rosa

  3. Ulla Hennig says:

    I second your endorsement of Rosa Say as well. May I add that she – together with Joanna Young – is the editor of Joyful Jubilant Learning, a wonderful blog with a great community. I met her through this blog and only later via twitter, and she is a kind, welcoming, encouraging and joyful person. Not to forget her awful pictures at Flickr!

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