Each and Recently

The old marketing model emphasized “reach and frequency.”

Try to expose your message to as many as possible, as often as possible. A certain percentage will respond.

It’s a numbers game. And, it de-personalizes your audience. They’re a target. A demographic. Occupiers of a business funnel.

Been there. Done that.

Instead, let’s think in terms of “each and recently.” There is a growing pool of people who rely on you for information, connections, and services. They become customers, friends, collaborators, and, in a wonderful way, the most effective sales force you could possibly have.

Touch each of them. Make sure, as their names come to mind, that you’ve somehow touched them recently. And don’t worry a whole lot about the reach and frequency numbers game.

They’ll do that for you.


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Five in the Morning 021909

Before we begin, may I just take a moment and say how much I enjoy interacting with you, my readers, in these early-morning excursions through the blogosphere? It’s fun to find a few goodies each day (so much to choose from!), but it’s even more fun to dialogue with you about stuff you found helpful or interesting.

OK, on with the show…

The Four Horsemen of the Startup. Brief and to the point. Four attitudes to avoid if you’re an entrepreneur starting a company. From the wise and friendly Doug Karr.

Animated advertising icons – the power of strong branding in advertising. Watch this quick clip. From BrandFreak blog.

In Business Week, a profile of social media pioneer Beth Kanter. Nice.

Which businesses are on Twitter? Check out this uber-list on Twibs. Wow. (hat tip: Brand Flakes for Breakfast).

From the Church of the Customer blog, 5 Questions with Emanuel Rosen (on buzz, word of mouth, and marketing). Good stuff.

PLUS – just for fun: 25 “Hidden” Things in Facebook’s Terms of Use (spoof).

Finally – are you going to Blogger Social ’09? Last year’s event was a slam dunk – 80 bloggers from around the world getting together in NYC to get social. This year, the upper limit is 100, and it’s in Boston. Details here – I’ll be there!


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Way to Light up your Booth!

I was at Ad-Tech NY this week, where I indulged one of my favorite pastimes – wandering the exhibit area to see who had a remarkable booth design, or marketing campaign, or giveaway.

cigar4I wasn’t too inspired, frankly – that is, until I came upon the Elite Commission booth. Rubbing my eyes in disbelief, I saw – yes, right there on the exhibit floor – two guys hand-rolling cigars with tobacco leaf, and giving them out! And sure enough, they had an audience.

This was incredibly effective because:

1. It had the “circus sideshow” effect – come see this bizarre act! Excellent way to stop people drifting by, and great word-of-mouth impact.

2. It was unique and remarkable. No-one else was giving away cigars, let alone letting you watch them getting made.

3. There was an enduring element. In the giveaway packet was a logo-fied lighter and cigar-cutter.

Brilliant. I came back the next day for another one (yes, I love marketing swag). And, even though I don’t have a need for Elite Commission as a provider, they’ve just gotten some free advertising. Because out of the hundreds of companies there, they were the most creative. And that is marketing that smokes!

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