Free (Starbucks) is Good

I saw last night that Starbucks had published an on-line coupon for FREE pastry (with a beverage purchase) this morning. In fact, they even have a smartphone-friendly version if you don’t have a printer. Nice.

Being a bit tech-geeky, I decided to find out if there was a Starbucks in the vicinity of this hotel in Philly where I’m staying. Since my iPhone knows where I am, I just plugged “nearby Starbucks” into Google and voila! – there was a list. Very nice.

After a brisk walk of a few blocks, I found the place, which was nearly empty, and when flashing the coupon on my iPhone to the barista, she was visibly relieved that SOMEONE knew about it, because they had a massive delivery of pastries today in anticipation of the event. So I said I’d continue to promote it.

Now we don’t want all that pastry to go to waste, so get it while you can! And here’s another suggestion – think about taking advantage of Starbucks’ largesse, and give your free pastry to someone less fortunate to you. If you’re reading this, you’re undoubtedly blessed beyond measure. But there are lots of hungry folks out there. And maybe your local Starbucks is near some hungry or homeless people. Let’s show how good free can be…(and thanks, Starbucks – great promo!)


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Five in the Morning After, 110508

It’s over. And I’ll bet a lot of folks aren’t getting up anywhere close to 5 in the morning!

Truth be told, I wasn’t up then either. Closer to 6 am. But here are your 5 fresh posts to start the day…

MarketingShift brings us two interesting lessons. British Airways finds out about the power of social networking (and not in a good way). And, by seeking to “do good” with free election day giveaways, did some companies “do wrong”? Didn’t see this one coming…(I did get a free cup of Starbucks yesterday…does that make me and a few million others accessories to a felony?)

Rohit Bhargava gives us a nice visual on how one Obama branding strategy was quite effective. I agree with him, though I am usually more of a branding/logo “purist” – what do you think?

Rick Turoczy drinks some Juice. Have you tried it yet? I plan to!

Seth Godin summarizes some interesting marketing lessons (yes, with “tribe” angles) from the U.S. election.

The speed of Twitter. An interesting example from Mack Collier, along with a link to a good post from Mike Sansone.

PLUS: The power of a simple graphic. Really neat. From Todd And’s blog.

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