Following Your Passion: A Story

I came across this video of Ken Segall, who was Apple’s Creative Director for Advertising: Answer the Question: What is Your Passion?

(goes to a different page; just over 2 minutes – watch it now!)

Sharing it with a friend who launched his own consulting business a while back (disclosure: I helped him with business strategy and clarity therapy), I got back this response. It was so eloquent, I asked permission to share it:

In regard to the video by Ken Segall…..yes, absolutely correct…..but that’s why we NEED YOU….we can’t read the label from the inside. That is exactly what happened to me….in 2002 I lost my job with ______ as _____ was pulled from the market – so all kinds of bad things were happening to me. I will admit to you I was in a funk over spending 19 years somewhere and just having it suddenly end without so much as a howdy do and thank you.

I picked up a manufacturers’ rep job with a disease state management company – we sold turn-key DSM software programs to healthcare providers. I was well connected in the HMO community….and I did OK, but it was not my passion. What did happen, though – after each sale I would have to train the nurse or case management staff on how to use the software.

Oddly enough – my passion showed through – and I was getting training requests away from the DSM programming I was selling….BUT I was still under a rock. Then one day it happened – I just completed a training program for ________ – the Medical Director wanted a “management training program” for his staff…heck, I could do that! It went well and I had a ball doing the training….upon my arrival home, my wife said to me….”why don’t you just do that training thing if it makes you so happy?”  Then it hit me ….I absolutely LOVED that training thing…..the rest is history. I spent 4 awesome years at ______ in training, and three equally awesome years at ______…..and that prepared me so much for doing what I love to do! (which is a healthcare industry training consultant)

 But I would add one thing….I love training , but I still needed something special that gave me that edge. I needed a “product” – what made my launch into the contractor space comfortable for me, was knowing that I had this very special thing….this tool that could help people….so in my case it was a training methodology. It worked. I could reproduce it again and again and it kept working….so yes, find what you love, but DO SOMETHING with that! Something specific! And you just may end up being happy about it every day.Gerald Clor

It seems to be a regular case these days that I’m talking to people in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s who are, after years of playing different roles, finally getting in touch with their core passions and strengths and figuring out what they want to do when they grow up (and this includes me!). It’s never too late to do the discovery work and begin to map out a direction that flows in the direction of your passion.

Get in touch with what you’re passionate about. Listen to what customers and more objective others tell you about yourself. Find the “hole” in the marketplace. Develop a clear offering and message. Make it happen.


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The Passionate Leader

Confession: I don’t much care for cheerleaders.

I mean, nothing against any particular cheerleaders personally, but the whole idea of some formulaic whipping up of crowd enthusiasm really leaves me cold. As does anything that smacks of manipulation and insincerity.

Faux enthusiasm is not genuine passion.

So if passion isn’t some fly-by-night outward expression of manufactured emotion, what is it?

It’s the coach who so deeply believes in the abilities of his team, and in the value of working together to win, that his eyes and voice inspire his players to do better than they think they can.

It’s the Army captain who believes so much that the cause of his nation is right, and that evil people must be stopped, that he inspires his troops to sacrificially charge ahead with him through danger and hardship.

It’s the lonely pastor of an obscure little flock in middle America, who believes that God and eternity and sin and redemption are absolutely real, and who inspires his handful of fellow travelers to press on through each day’s trials.

It’s the business leader who believes that there’s a better way, who seeks to create that better way, and who inspires investors and employees and customers to buy in to that vision and make it come to life.

Passion grows out of believing. It grows into inspiration. It has the distinct feeling of compulsion about it – it doesn’t bother with could be, but proceeds directly to must be without passing GO and collecting $200.

Many can be paid to pick up the pom-poms and give a few cheers for the team. A truly passionate leader is not a hireling, however, auctioning off abilities and some manufactured enthusiasm to the highest bidder. He or she is a believer. Who inspires, not employees, but followers.

Passion is fueled by vision, by a sense of right-ness, by a restless dissatisfaction with the status quo. Passion can be as loud as an opinionated talk show host, or as quiet as an unknown researcher laboring for years at her bench to find new ways to treat diabetes. Passion can be found at at a Silicon Valley startup or in a Virginia Beach nursery, each patiently building and shaping and investing in the future.

Passionate leaders aren’t leading cheers. They’re leading disciples.

Agree? Disagree? This Tuesday night (8 pm ET), we’ll be discussing passion and leadership for our weekly #LeadershipChat on Twitter. Before the magic hour, be sure you also read Lisa Petrilli’s post on passionate leadership.

(hint: one very easy way to participate is by using a client like Tweetchat. Just log in, read the stream of thoughts that are being shared, and feel free to chime in with your reactions and questions.)


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The lovely Angela Maiers asked me to write a blog post about the topic of passion, as part of her series on Passion-Driven Conversations.

Below is an excerpt; the full post is here on Angela’s blog.

Where you find passion, you find PURPOSE – an attachment to a goal or ideal much bigger than oneself.

Where you find passion, you find PRINCIPLE – a commitment to what is right and good beyond just what is expedient.

Where you find passion, you find PRESSING NEED – an insatiable discontent with the status quo.

And where you find passion, you find PEOPLE – because we cannot resist warming our hearts with the passions of others.



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