I’m “Out of the Box” – how about you?

In the narrow old days, before the advent of all these social media tools, most of us had a very defined and constrained outlet (if any) for our creativity. Our jobs required that we occupy a certain role, and if we were lucky, one or even two creative strengths might get exercised.

And might get noticed by a handful.

With few exceptions (artists and musicians who became famous, the idle wealthy, etc.), whatever talents we had tended to stay in a box, or slowly decay due to lack of nutrients. My father was an inveterate tinkerer and a closet inventor, who had some pretty cool ideas – virtually none of which saw the light of day outside of his shed, and the eyes of his boys.

Now, if I have an idea, or a picture, or just about anything else, it can be moments from conception to birth. Talent has immediate outlets, and a potentially exponentially-growing audience.

Instead of having my “voice” pent-up and unheard, I now struggle with which “voices” to let out at any given time. The marketer? The professional? The comedian? The friend? The family man? The philosopher? In fact, they all end up coming out of the box, because they’re all…me. If anyone looked back on my posts and tweets and comments over the past few weeks, they’d have a hard time classifying me into any narrow box. And that is probably true of you, too. I say – good!

It’s nice to stand here with the cardboard pieces scattered about.

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