Where is the Ideal Social Media Interface?

Well, let’s take a stab at it. Lots of discussion about Twitter, Friendfeed, and Plurk interfaces, all of which have particular strengths and weaknesses. Stuff has been brewing in the back of my head for many weeks about what would be ideal, so I’m finally going to commit some thoughts to…well, not paper. Blog. With really bad graphical (Powerpoint) design – please excuse the rapid prototyping!

Anyway, this is meant mainly to generate discussion. I’d like to see some company pull off the creation of a fabulous user interface that would truly provide an intuitive way to get started in social media (or share media), AND provide a comprehensive approach. Instead of using words to explain, I’m just going to throw out 3 graphics – if you don’t “get it” based on these alone, then I’ve done a bad job designing it.

Here’s my initial stab; feel free to add comments and create your own designs:

Main screen interface (above)

Chat view interface (above)

Threaded discussion view interface (above)

The rest you can pretty well visualize without any further graphics, I expect. What would you do different? How would you design the “ideal” UI for Social Media?

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