Your Best Mentor?

For this week’s #LeadershipChat on Twitter (8 pm ET, Tuesday night), we’re going to talk about Mentoring.

If you are going to be an effective leader, you will serve as an adviser, a coach, a teacher to those “under” you. This assumes, of course, that you’re setting some kind of example to follow.

But let’s do something different this week. Instead of me jotting down my thoughts and feelings about the topic, let’s have YOU write the blog post. Who have been the best examples you’ve followed?

Go into the comments, and describe the best mentor/leader you’ve had. What made them inspiring to follow? How did they bring out the best in you? What lessons have you carried forward?

It would be most helpful to have YOUR perspectives about this, which will serve as a basis for our Tuesday night discussion.

Ready? Go to the comments and write up your thoughts for us! And while you’re add it, read co-moderator Lisa Petrilli’s thoughts on successful mentoring!

(by the way, does the word “mentee” somehow give you the shivers? Never have gotten acclimated to that term…!)


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