The Best Ever

It’s set back a ways in a converted little house, half-hidden in the artsy little town of Lenox, MA (in the Berkshires).

We decided to take the “road less traveled” for a recent mini-vacation in VT and upstate NY, and Lenox happened to be bisected by Route 7, a non-interstate which winds its way up from Connecticut all the way to Burlington VT, where we planned to visit Amy Fitch and her family before heading over to Lake Placid, NY.

Lenox also happened to be the stomping ground of Steve Haase, with whom I had come in contact on-line through the just-launched Influencer Project.  It seemed like a great stopping point for some coffee, and a face-to-face meeting with Steve, who was quite amenable to the idea.

Consulting my handy iPhone on the way up, I noticed that THE coffee shop in Lenox seemed to be Lenox Coffee, which had rave reviews on Yelp. Steve confirmed via e-mail that it was the prime meeting spot, so as we threaded our way through town, we spotted the unimposing little house of this non-chain, one-of-a-kind caffeine destination.

I ordered an Americano for myself and one for Sandy, my wife, who has recently become a fan of Americanos at Starbucks through my at-times benign influence. I should tell you that Sandy is not particularly ebullient when it comes to describing purchased goods. Praise is not easily given – it is earned.

Yet, SIX (6) times over the next several days, I heard her repeat that “that was the best Americano I have ever had!” And the 7th time, it was the best in the world (still waiting for the expansion into galactic superiority). I even began to feel a bit jealous – I mean, when is the last time she’d said, “you’re the best husband I’ve ever had!” multiple times in one week? But I digress…

Whatever the Lenox Coffee people did with their fresh-ground beans and their method of preparation, it got my normally-reserved wife talking. Raving, actually. In fact, it has now ascended to a blog-worthy experience.

It’s not enough to be good. You want to be remarkable. You want to make people like Sandy (and others who were on Yelp) rave about your stuff. It’s hard to fail when you’re “the best ever”!


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