“Hillary, you’ve got a problem!”

On rare occasions, I’ll comment on political matters – typically, not to make a political statement, but to note how certain events have a “branding” twist to them.

hillary-got-a-problem-sm.jpgBrand Hillary just lost the moon.

The juxtaposition of her fantasy-like description of dodging sniper bullets with the pictures and descriptions of the reality of the event have put, in my mind, the final nail in the coffin of her damaged image. How can any reasonable person respect someone who plays so fast-and-loose with the truth? Or feel confident in their leadership?

Companies that do that lose their chance to make the landing in our hearts, because it’s a trust thing. When you begin to conclude that a person or a company will say or do anything to achieve power or influence, you have to shake your head and walk away.

Nope. This is not her finest moment.