Lights, Camera…Interaction!

How valuable is our growing blogging network?

Well, here’s an example from the recent holidays. My oldest son is very interested in a career in film production/direction, and I’ve begun to reach into my network of contacts to try to find guidance and advice (Nate was in a “magnet” high school with an emphasis on Performing and Digital Arts, and is now in his first year of college).

woodruffs-and-directortom.jpgEnter Tom Clifford, prolific blogger over at DirectorTom and fellow Age of Conversation author.

As it turns out, Tom lives and labors in central Connecticut, near my home town, and we were going to be up there briefly to visit family. Tom agreed to meet us at a Starbucks the day after Christmas, and generously gave 2 hours of his time to ask questions, give advice, critique Nate’s portfolio, and, overall, provide delightful company. What a joy it was to interact with such a warm and sharing spirit – and it certainly was an encouragement to my aspiring son.

directortom.jpgSure enough, to ease identification for our first meeting, Tom was wearing his trademark jaunty director’s cap (the black beret, ubiquitous on all his photos), though as you can see from the image above, when the cap comes off, Tom might get rather chilly in the winter! Is this the first public unveiling of the upper regions of Tom’s pate??

A couple other blogging friends have also volunteered to look over Nate’s “stuff” and provide input and perhaps some contacts – I can’t express how grateful it makes me to be part of this supportive and sharing community. Can’t wait to meet many more of you at the Blogger Social in 90 days!