Does Comcast Care?

A lot of virtual ink has been expended writing about Comcast, which has embraced Twitter to provide customer service (Frank Eliason @comcastcares), but which suffers from a reputation of poor customer service in other quarters.

I don’t have Comcast here in north Jersey, but I was in Connecticut at my mother’s house yesterday, and I saw a small slice of Comcast in action.

You see, Mom recently had to get a new device (free) to handle the upcoming switchover to digital TV. Once it was installed, everything started not working. Phone help was inadequate to resolve the problem, and so a tech person was scheduled to visit the next day, between 12-2 pm.

I was out doing yard work when this tech guy pulled up (early!). The first thing I saw was a friendly face – a guy who engaged me in conversation with a smile. He then proceeded to go in the house, troubleshoot, and eventually replace some old relays on the outside of the house that weren’t “digital-ready”. Having quickly done a thorough job, and having made sure that everything was working perfectly, this fellow took his gentle laugh and smiling face and drove off to his next appointment, as a Comcast ambassador of good will.

Does Comcast care? I cannot make a blanket judgment one way or another about a huge organization. Does a certain technician servicing Berlin, CT care? He sure does. Enough to make me publicly praise him in a blog post, though I didn’t even catch his name. And that’s the point, isn’t it? Giving remarkable, caring service.

Loyalty is earned at the point of contact with customers. Hire caring people. Then folks will believe that your company cares.