Way to Light up your Booth!

I was at Ad-Tech NY this week, where I indulged one of my favorite pastimes – wandering the exhibit area to see who had a remarkable booth design, or marketing campaign, or giveaway.

cigar4I wasn’t too inspired, frankly – that is, until I came upon the Elite Commission booth. Rubbing my eyes in disbelief, I saw – yes, right there on the exhibit floor – two guys hand-rolling cigars with tobacco leaf, and giving them out! And sure enough, they had an audience.

This was incredibly effective because:

1. It had the “circus sideshow” effect – come see this bizarre act! Excellent way to stop people drifting by, and great word-of-mouth impact.

2. It was unique and remarkable. No-one else was giving away cigars, let alone letting you watch them getting made.

3. There was an enduring element. In the giveaway packet was a logo-fied lighter and cigar-cutter.

Brilliant. I came back the next day for another one (yes, I love marketing swag). And, even though I don’t have a need for Elite Commission as a provider, they’ve just gotten some free advertising. Because out of the hundreds of companies there, they were the most creative. And that is marketing that smokes!

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