Ten in the Morning 022009

cbwFive in the Morning gets super-sized today – we have 2 guest-bloggers contributing posts, to make it Ten in the Morning (some of you late sleepers really like this thought…!)

First up, some posts from the usual geographical area of north Jersey – but guest-hosted by blogging colleague CB Whittemore. One of my favorite people whom I’ve met through social media, Christine is an active community participant and a whole lot of fun to tweet next to at a conference. She’s also known to hand out pink pens.

So, go see what link-goodness CB has for us today – and while you’re there, be sure you subscribe to her blog, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter (@cbwhittemore)!

olivier-blanchardAnd, as if that’s not enough, the loquacious Olivier Blanchard gives us a handful of his finds, over at the Brand Builder blog. South Carolina blogger/marketer/aspiring photographer, Olivier is a great guy to follow – and if you want to know a whole bunch more about him, and mascot Chico, this is your spot. GO visit his blog, and find him on Twitter at @thebrandbuilder.

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Five in the Morning 111808

One of my favorite local (NJ area) bloggers, CB Whittemore, on Social Media, the Elections, and what it all means for Marketing – Part 1 and Part 2.

At MarketingProfs Daily Fix, a post which is probably closest to the heart of what makes me tick – maybe more than anything I’ve previously written. What’s your Value-Add?

Amber Naslund says, Give it Away. Good stuff.

Everything is risky. Truthy thoughts and a great graphic from David Armano.

Will Twitter start to charge for Tweets?

PLUS…of course you’ve always been annoyed at how Starbucks names their cup sizes. This quick video (quite well done!) pokes a little fun. From the Swiss Miss.

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