When the time is right…

How many times have you had a dream, or a goal, hanging out there like a brass ring, and determined that you’d start reaching for it “when the time is right”?

The time is right. Now.

Not that you can necessarily bring home the entire pot of gold at rainbow’s end by 4 pm today. But you need to zero in your sights where the rainbow hits the ground, and take a step. Then another one.

About 2 years ago, I started my own business. It was a risk, and by all objective measures, the time probably “wasn’t right.” Five kids. Mid-life. No major capital backing. Just an idea, a drive, a network of people, and a fair amount of experience.

I could easily have settled. But, you see, the time WAS right. I had an epiphany about 6-7 months before venturing out: No-one was ever going to offer me the ideal job. If I wanted to pursue my dreams and maximize the use of my abilities, I had to create it myself.

And I have further, longer-term dreams. Each week, I’m trying to move – in incremental steps – toward those goals. This week, I did my first video blog post. That was not just for geek-gadget purposes. It’s part of a much longer-term vision.

When will the time be right for you? Actually, today is good. Take those steps. Build YOU – your skills, your network, your opportunities. Tune out the naysayers, because the time is right…now.

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Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang, for the spark that led to this post.

UPDATE: Here’s a great post from Seth Godin that ties in perfectly.