Are You Having A Nice Conflict?

For a long while, I held off buying a much-desired iPad2 – I finally gave in over the Christmas holidays and bought one. I also held off on becoming an e-reader until that time – and now, I’m glad to say, I have finally read my first book cover-to-cover on a tablet! What can I say – sometimes I break with the past slowwwwly…

The book: Have A Nice Conflict, put out by Jossey-Bass. Disclosure: this group has also stepped up to be a sponsor for LeadershipChat last week, in our chat with Angela Maiers, and also this coming Tuesday, when the smart team of HANC thinkers will be our guest hosts.

The book is a relatively quick read. It is of the business parable genre, where a story unfolds with various fictional characters to explain and illustrate the themes. Now, business parables are not my favorite writing mode, but this one is reasonably well-written. It’s just a wee bit slow out of the blocks, but once you arrive on the stage with Mac and the Red, Green, and Blue lights – well, things start to really fall into place. I won’t say that the lights come on, because that would be a bad pun. So I won’t say it. But they do.

One big plus – toward the back of the book, once the parable is over, you get a nice overview of the academic foundations of the theory.

The thesis of Have A Nice Conflict – and a component of the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), which is a related assessment – is that we have different motivational “styles”, if you will, that come into play when we approach (or experience) conflict. After taking the SDI and reading the book, I can definitely affirm that there’s some solid stuff here (I’m a “Hub,” by the way, if you’re interested).

Conflict is a huge, somewhat hidden cost to businesses everywhere, and a major challenge for leaders. So we’re going to discuss it this coming Tuesday night (February 14th) on #LeadershipChat. Valentine’s Day is a great time to learn to avoid or manage conflict, right? :>}

Join me, my co-host Lisa Petrilli, the HANC team, and a bunch of other smarties worldwide at 8 pm ET for an enlightening Twitter chat. Just use the hashtag #LeadershipChat (you’ll also see the hashtag #NiceConflict because our guests are also our sponsors this coming week).

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Additional disclosure: Personal Strengths is a recommendation partner of mine. If you use their assessment/consulting services as a direct result of my personal business matchmaking recommendation, they gladly pay me a referral fee. I receive no affiliate payments for book sales.


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Steve Recommends: Negotiation Training

Steve Woodruff is the Connection Agent, and he has lined up top-quality recommended providers for a whole range of corporate training, marketing, and communications needs.

One of our Connection Agency partners does an exceptional job with training sales professionals/account managers in Negotiation Skills. Live workshops, custom and off-the-shelf programs, follow-up e-reinforcement – this group has always come through for my clients (they also have a great “Selling Higher” program for moving up the executive chain).

This well-established partner serves not only healthcare, but other industries as well! And since they are being recommended by the Connection Agent, here’s what you can expect: customer focus, quality deliverables, and proven integrity.

Download this introductory info sheet, ConnectionAgent_Negotiation, and let us know how we can be of assistance!


Steve Woodruff is the Connection Agent, a client-vendor matchmaker often called the walking eHarmony of the industry. The Connection Agency is restoring trust and efficiency to the marketplace through the growth of a top-notch network of recommended clients and providers.


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Can you help me try something new?

With this request, I’m seriously going to eat my own dog food. Let me explain.

opportunitywebI’ve got two parallel networking endeavors going. One pays the bills – that’s my pharmaceutical consultancy (Impactiviti), through which I help pharmaceutical clients find ideal vendor/partners (mostly for sales training). My business model: I’m the walking eHarmony of pharma outsourcing!

The parallel universe of my marketing/branding/social media involvement is actually a hobby (so to speak), though I have sought to build this network with the idea of potential business at some point down the road, in some form or another. An Opportunity Network.

As it turns out, some of the corporate training vendors that are now part of my Impactiviti Preferred Partner Network have offerings that are quite valuable outside the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve confined my efforts to pharma thus far, but feel that it’s time to start reaching out to my broader community and see if there’s some “matchmaking” that can occur in lots of other industries that need training programs.

Here’s the deal. Do you know of people in corporate training who are responsible for identifying vendor/providers for training solutions? If so, I may be able to help in some specific areas. Here’s a post on my Impactiviti blog about one exciting solution that can be used in all sorts of situations. And here’s a list of other areas where I know of great providers:

  • Diversity/Sexual Harassment training
  • Negotiation skills/Sales Negotiation/Selling Higher
  • Speaker/Communication/Presentation training
  • Business Acumen
  • Compliance/Ethics
  • Coaching/Managing/Interviewing skills
  • Gaming
  • Simulation Development (off-line and on-line)
  • Audience Response Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • On-line Assessment Systems
  • Custom eLearning development
  • Webcasting/Video streaming
  • Event Management

If you, your colleagues, or your clients have needs in these areas, would you please send them my way (stevew at impactiviti dot com)? I’ll be glad to make targeted recommendations with some very talented and proven providers. Thanks for being part of my network – maybe we can do good and do business together at the same time!