19 Seconds of Pure Joy

What happens when a 1-year old pup encounters her first serious snow of the season?

Pure joy. For everyone.

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Puppies and Social Media Marketing

Just got done laughing (again) at the reaction of my cats to the new puppy in our house. They want nothing to do with Mystic – they stiffen up and run as soon as they see her, even though she is eager to interact.

Kinda like – how we react to traditional marketing. We don’t trust it. We don’t want it to get close. When it pushes into our face, we retreat. Go away,  you annoy me.

On the other hand, Mystic and the humans in the house have a social media relationship. We gladly interact. We seek each other out. We dialogue (well, in our own sort of way). We like hanging out together.

I know what kind of relationship I’d be pursuing with my marketing dollars…

Five in the Morning 020609

bcarrollWe picked up and moved all the way to the Left Coast today! That diva of all-things-customer, Becky Carroll, guest-hosts Five in the Morning over at her Customers Rock! blog (and if you’re not subscribed to her blog, remedy that situation post-haste!)

Here’s the link to her Five in the Morning post Go! Thanks, Becky!


fyi – the new Woodruff puppy Mystic doesn’t yet know how to do tricks, but she did set up her own Twitter account – and she has some a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e. You can get some doggie tweets by following her @mysticwood.

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