2 Days Left to Get Social!

The deadline to sign up for the First Monstrous Blogger Social is this week – are you IN?

The following fine bloggers are registered so far – but you must sign up by Feb 15th.

Susan Bird  Tim Brunelle Katie Chatfield Terry Dagrosa Matt Dickman Luc Debaisieux Gianandrea Facchini Mark Goren Gavin Heaton Sean Howard CK Valeria Maltoni Drew McLellan Doug Meacham Marilyn Pratt Steve Roesler Greg Verdino CB Whittemore Steve Woodruff Paul McEnany Ann Handley David Reich Tangerine Toad Kristin Gorski Mack Collier David Armano Ryan Barrett Lori Magno Tim McHale Gene DeWitt Mario Vellandi Arun Rajagopal Joseph Jaffe Rohit Bhargava Anna Farmery Marianne Richmond Thomas Clifford Lewis Green Geoff Livingston Kris Hoet Connie Reece CeCe Lee Toby Bloomberg Seni Thomas Darryl Ohrt Joe Kutchera Paul Dunay Marshall Sponder Chris Kieff Tara Anderson Jason Falls Paul Soldera Roberta Rosenberg Saul Colt Todd Andrlik Nathan Snell Ryan Karpeles Mike Sansone Jennifer Laycock Neil Vineberg Cam Beck Mike Arauz John Rosen

What other incentive could you possibly need? Well, how about a chance to win your very own Curious George mascot? That’s right, in addition to the Curious George doll now circulating among the Age of Conversation authors (hey-where is he now, anyway??), we’ll have a drawing for THIS Curious George for one lucky attendee at the Blogger Social.


In fact, here’s an idea for all of us attending – do you have something you’d like to give away to a lucky blogging comrade? Something that uniquely expresses you or your blog identity (note to Tangerine Toad – that could get interesting for you!)? Because if we’re going to raffle off a monkey, maybe we can have fun giving away other items that creative bloggers bring! If you’re into it, why not blog and show what you want to toss into the mix – it’ll just make the time of sharing all the richer!

Monkey goes wild on world tour!

For a while, all seemed orderly. Curious George, the Age of Conversation mascot, was making the rounds on his world tour – when suddenly, he broke free of his restraints and began to exert his curious nature!

curious-george-escapes.jpgFirst, it was all the partying and bar-hopping with the NYC crowd. OK, you let a monkey out of his cage and he goes a bit wild – we can accept that. But then he started going “underground” for long stretches, refusing to move along to his next destination (carefully choreographed in a most logical pattern by his tour director). Now, he suddenly pops up on the scene at Rishi Desai’s blog, with a cryptic note about escaping over the fence to Ohio (rumor has it that he plans to visit with Matt Dickman)!

So, this curious creature with a mind of his own is temporarily bypassing his responsibilities to complete the Northeast leg of his tour, and now may be jumping unpredictably from blogger to blogger, without clear rhyme or reason. Where will he end up next? Stay tuned…nobody really knows!


(Today’s Wall Street Journal expands on the theme of escaping animals!)

Curious George re-surfaces!

curiousgeorge_sm.jpgI was beginning to wonder where our intrepid traveler, Curious George (Age of Conversation mascot), had gone. Did he suffer memory loss from all the martinis in Manhattan, ending up in an alleyway in Queens? Was he abducted by alien bloggers? Did he simply return to the man in the Yellow Hat, convinced that a worldwide tour of visits to marketing bloggers was just too much for one little monkey?

Happily, the answer is none of the above. He was recovering his senses, and taking a brief respite in the hallowed halls of academia, with Emily Klasper over at Library Revolution. And now he is on his way to warm the hearts of other AOC authors, each of whom will undoubtedly find ways to pose CG in situations both strange and adorable!

Oman O Man!

Arun Rajagopal, our designated marketing blogger located in Oman, has scored a coup with a big article in the Khaleej Times Weekend magazine about the Age of Conversation project.

His blog post gives an overview, and has scanned-in images of the tree-based hard-copy edition, along with this link to the on-line version. Great show, Arun!

Iguanas, Monkeys, and Bloggers

Last night, CK orchestrated a get-together for any available marketing bloggers, at a cozy little bar (Iguana) in Manhattan. When I saw who was coming, including Toby Bloomberg (up from Atlanta), I decided that this was a must-do event.

CK, David Reich, G. Kofi Annan, Curious George, CB Whittemore, Greg Verdino, Tangerine Toad, Carolyn Townes (The Wild Wiki Woman of the W list), David Berkowitz, Ann Handley, and a couple of others all crowded into a corner and gabbed, compared notes, took pix, and generally had a great time.

This was my first time being able to gather with a group of the bloggers who have become “virtual friends” through our various collaborative projects and posts. And what a delightful time it was. Admittedly, doing this was a bit out of my comfort zone – I am not a city person, a bar hopper, a native schmoozer, or a night owl – but I knew that the company would make it worth the effort.

Below, some pix to commemorate the event.


Hostess CK


Toby Bloomberg intimidates David Reich


Ann Handley and Greg Verdino (yep, he really is as bald as his blog indicates!)


Curious George Jr. and Sr. (thanks, Kofi, for bringing him along!)


The Wild Women of the W List


CK and David


CK, George, and moi

Get Curious World Tour – 2 Cents Worth

Once again our little monkey mascot for the Age of Conversation project, Curious George, inspired a meeting between two bloggers who chose to do a live handoff rather than a post office delivery. David Reich and Kofi Annan met in NYC for an hour and got to know one another – David’s description is here (with pix).

While I had hopes, upon launching the Get Curious tour, that a few bloggers might do a live handoff and meet, I freely admit that I didn’t expect what has, in fact resulted – MOST of the exchanges have been live thus far! I realize that this is a function of the tour currently being in a metro area, where it is easier for folks to get together, but still…I had underestimated the drive of us marketing bloggers to get social.

Get Curious World Tour – Marketers, Martinis, Manhattan!

As Curious George, the mascot of the Age of Conversation project, makes his way around the world to visit every one of the 103 authors, he is getting an eyeful of life in the Big City, courtesy of CK, Greg Verdino, and David Berkowitz (links lead to individual posts describing the event, with lots of pix!)

You see, those three met together for a George handoff (Greg -> CK -> David) over martinis, and I’m afraid that David Reich, who is next in line, will have to sober the little fellow up.

Get Curious World Tour – Playing with Crayons!

crayon_sm.gifCurious George has managed to worm his way into another household, this time making himself right at home with the Verdino’s. Greg Verdino of Crayon is the current stop on the Get Curious World Tour, in which a Curious George plush toy is visiting all 103 of the Age of Conversation authors. However, the Tour Director is deeply concerned about some of the plans Mr. Verdino has for George, which are far less innocent than the wonderful readings our little monkey is enjoying with the adorable Verdino daughter…CK, can you help make sure our little mascot is not too corrupted by the crayonistas??

Get Curious World Tour – George Invades NYC!

curious-g.jpgThe first cross-border handoff of Curious George, the Age of Conversation mascot, occurred successfully when Steve Roesler made a visit to Greg Verdino to move George from the relative quiet of NJ into the bright lights of The City. Here is a pic of the handoff.

Steve Roesler had a fun time with George, as this post shows.

George is making a point of scouting out locations for the upcoming Blogger Social in NYC (early April) – since he may well be overseas at that point, he wants to give his input early on!