5 Books for Business-Starters

I’m about to hand over a book to someone I’m coaching on his career direction. This made me think: if someone was considering starting their own business, what books would I recommend as “required reading” before taking the plunge?

Here’s a handful:

BooksPurple Cow, by Seth GodinDifferentiate, or don’t bother

Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaki Develop yourself and your people skills above all

The Entrepreneur Equation, by Carol RothDelineate how your idea will actually turn into a successful business

Amazing Things Will Happen, by C.C. ChapmanDream and then do

The $100 Startup, by Chris GuillebeauDon’t wait: opportunity surrounds you.

Each of these books is practical, straightforward, and approachable. In combination, they provide an excellent mix of the idealism and realism that are both required for entrepreneurs.

>>Your turn – what would be on your recommended reading list for new entrepreneurs?

(note: links to book titles above are Amazon affiliate links – which means if you buy from Amazon through following this link, I might earn a few shekels!)

About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

6 Responses to 5 Books for Business-Starters

  1. Jon Swanson says:

    thanks for this list, steve. I’m not an entreprenuer, but I talk with them all the time.

  2. Jay Oza says:


    Good selection.

    My favorite has always been “Bootstrapping Your Business” by Greg Gianforte (who started Rightnow, now Oracle). I am surprised no one ever picks this book. It is from a guy who has started a company and took it public and then sold it to Oracle. The book focuses on his early days when he started it from nothing in Bozeman, Montana.


  3. Jim D says:

    “Think and Grow Rich” (Napoleon Hill). 70+ years later, and still some great principles to consider for motivation.

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