Your Silent Audience

Blogging can be a discouraging enterprise at times.

Is anyone even reading what I write? Why are there so few comments? Where’s the engagement?

silenceWhile we all crave tangible evidence that people appreciate what we write, we should never forget that most of our audience is silent.

For every commenter, there are many others who are absorbing, thinking, learning, growing, laughing – privately.

Your every Facebook status may not garner a lot of comments. But you’ll be surprised how sometimes, months later, someone comes up to you and remembers. And comments. Live.

I don’t comment often on Jon Swanson‘s stuff. But I read it regularly. I keep very close tabs on Greg Hartle’s adventures, even if our on-line back-and-forth is more sporadic. Most of my direct banter with Tom Webster is ironic and punny, but the fact is, I relish his thoughtful posts.

Yes, we need to write for our more engaged readers. But don’t forget your silent audience. You might not hear much from them, but they’re waiting to hear from you.


About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

7 Responses to Your Silent Audience

  1. Love this reminder, Steve! I am absolutely a “private absorber” and, like you suggested, will often reflect back on what people wrote maybe weeks or months ago! At the same time, I know I can do a better job of letting others know that what they create makes a difference in my life. And you definitely do that with your posts, beautiful morning photos and by sharing your life! Miss you, my friend!

    • Thanks, Lisa. You’ve always been a wonderful listener/reader/interacter, and I can’t imagine this blogging journey without the encouragement you’ve provided.

  2. As someone who has just ventured into the blog writing world, can’t thank you enough for this insight. I’m guessing there are countless folks who “gave up” due to the silence, and never realized the impact they were making. I’ll be sure to keep producing, regardless of feedback or silence. (however, I did just bookmark this post just in case I slip into self-loathing mode). Thanks, Steve!

    • Brent – part of blogging is writing because you MUST write. If what you have to say is valuable, and you interact with folks to discuss your ideas and theirs, then an audience will grow. Gotta always think long-term…

  3. Meredith Gould says:

    Important point, one that gets neglected too often, probably because the silent ones are so, well, silent. I’ve zoomed in on this in my forthcoming book about social media, highlighting the 90/9/1 Rule coined by Jakob Nielsen and suggesting that the 90% who observe without either contributing or participating much are still audience that should not be ignored.

  4. So very true. I am often one of the silent ones myself. I have learned that reaching out matters. That said, I can also be silent and still gain much from what people write and share. It’s a balance.

  5. josephruizjr says:

    Thanks for this Steve funny I was just thinking about this very topic earlier this week almost wrote about it. Was thinking of something like the value of lurkers.

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