The Dance of Freedom and Form in Blogging

The dance of freedom and form

The dance of freedom and form

Like you, I’ve seen all the “rules” flashing by – set up a blogging calendar. Blog every day (or on some predictable schedule). Go fully free-form and ad-hoc, as the spirit moves you. Etc., etc.

I don’t have any rules for you, just a principle to consider – as with many areas of life, there is a dance of freedom and form in blogging. Give yourself to that tension, not to a fixed method <—(wait – is that a rule??)

Blogging, as with any form of writing, is an outflow of creativity. And your method for channeling your creativity may not match mine or someone else’s. There are best practices for good writing. But when it comes to the when/how often/format, you may need to build in some elbow room.

Some folks need to construct a more rigid schedule and writing discipline because their creative juices are at a slow simmer, and are best harnessed with a constantly-built framework. Others have creative energy that comes to a very regular quick boil, and can whip out a blog post regularly almost without effort (seemingly) – because creative thoughts have actually been bubbling continuously. I’m actually in the latter camp, but it took me a long time to recognize it and embrace it.

The lesson here is not to be rigid in imposing your methods on others as THE way to write. It’s one way, and it may indeed be helpful for others – but people are different, they evolve, and what works one year may be different the next year.

My blogging is very different after 6+ years. We learn to combine freedom and form by experimenting. <–(click to tweet this)

Give yourself, and others, room to create and evolve. I guess that’s another rule. Hmmm…do as I say, not as I do (rule). See how hard it is to stop making rules?

What works for you in your blogging? How have you evolved over time?



About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

4 Responses to The Dance of Freedom and Form in Blogging

  1. Meredith Gould says:

    Here I am again, your contrarian colleague! Maybe not rules for blogging per se but can we agree that there are best practices?

    I mention this because I’m spending a LOT of time explaining why it’s important to follow the new rules of writing for online readability. And then I spend even more time teaching and training (resistant) people how to do it.

    So while I agree that style, tone, content, and even timing evolves over time, I say there are rules that need to be learned and followed so that posts are web-readable. Clearly you already know and follow them!

    • Meredith, I certainly won’t argue with best practices in writing as a craft. My main concern here is with an overly-structured approach to pumping out content. But it’s an interesting alternate angle you bring up, and one worthy of a much longer and deeper discussion…

      • Meredith Gould says:

        Definitely agree with you about overly-structured or even overly-scheduled content. Happy to engage in that longer, deeper discussion about writing any time!

  2. josephruizjr says:

    Helpful post Steve, I often find myself trying to imitate a style I admire in others rather than embracing my own. I am discovering I am somewhere in between the two you described. I like free form but need some structure to or should I say a new routine to ensure consistent writing. I appreciate the post, it helps in thinking about the practice.

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