Gazing into the clear-view mirror

mirrorIt’s easy to spend a lot of time looking into the rear-view mirror. There’s a lot to learn back there in the past – though we can often find ourselves slowed down or even paralyzed by regrets or confusion in our timeline.

Who we once were shapes who we now are. But if we’re going to move forward confidently, we need to spend a lot more time gazing at a clear-view mirror.

What are my strengths? Where does my performance excel? What’s my DNA, my professional makeup, and how does that map to my current career path?

Sometimes we’re afraid of the truth about ourselves, because embracing our unique makeup – getting a clear view and owning it – may mean change.

After our morning shower, we instinctively wipe the mirror so we can see clearly. We need a clear-view mirror for our professional souls as well.

Let’s do that today with one simple exercise – turn that rear-view mirror*, look yourself right in the eye, and answer this question: What’s the portrait I truly want to paint with the rest of my days here on earth?

Write it down. Embrace it. Begin. Past is prologue – it is not destiny (to paraphrase Shakespeare). Change a few words in the post above, and this advice applies equally well to your small business.

Choose your direction from the clear-view mirror, not just the rear-view mirror.

*ummm, please – not while driving! ;>}

About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

2 Responses to Gazing into the clear-view mirror

  1. Meredith Gould says:

    OK, well, consider this:

    when I look in the rear view mirror I gasp with horror and reach for the tweezers I now keep at-the-ready in the coffee cup holder. Don’t know what it is about rear view mirrors but they reveal a multitude of hairy sins.

    This is a well-kept secret among women who know that friends don’t let friends drive with hanks of hair coming out of their chin or between their eyebrows.

    That lovely woman in the photo?She isn’t really smiling. She’s gritting her teeth and thinking, “I’m going to fire my brow waxer.”

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