“So, my DNA and my Story Walked into a Bar…”

This has been a really fun week. I got to interact with 4 people at various levels of Clarity Therapy, and in each case, we arrived at pretty remarkable new levels of understanding.

Even though each person was in a very different professional role (pharma consultant, agriculture R&D, customer service, digital marketer – here’s Tom Martin’s story), something very common emerged during the brainstorming process. As we uncover a person’s professional DNA, scheme up a new direction, and look at the past work roles, everyone tends to worry: “How will my new direction fit into the story of my past roles?”

One of the greatest reinforcements that we’re getting accurately in touch with your genuine strengths and desires is that the narrative always fits – the past, the anticipated future, and any present pivot necessary to get there all coheres. The story “works.”

One gentlemen I counseled in the past was moving from one form of media – where his identity was clearly established – to an entirely different medium. There seemed to be quite a disconnect, and it bothered him. But then, as we probed the elements that were common in both formats (great interviewing skills, crafting a good story, expressing it in an accessible format), it became clear that, in fact, this was a natural progression. The medium wasn’t the essence of his identity. The craft that he brought to telling other peoples’ stories effectively was the distinguishing element.

If we’re picking up the important threads and themes of your past work life accurately, and weaving them into a new direction, then even a pivot should appear as a natural evolution. It’s taking what you’ve always done well, and stripping off the no-longer-necessary elements that aren’t heading you in the right direction. A new career direction can be positioned as logical – even inevitable.

When your professional DNA and your story walk into a bar, share a beer, and get along famously – when your prior experiences are part of the narrative of your new awareness, your new direction – it gives you the courage to look in the mirror, and talk to others, and say, “This is the right thing to do.” That’s the end result of Clarity Therapy.


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One Response to “So, my DNA and my Story Walked into a Bar…”

  1. Very well put … take what you like about what you did in the past (or who you were), clarify and bring it forward into a new chapter and create your new story (AND change your DNA!). I imagine calling it “therapy” has it’s pros and cons …

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