Who Are Your Influencers?

I’m a solopreneur. But I’m never alone. Why? My influencers – one of the great benefits of social networks.

Yesterday – as I have done regularly in the past – I had a question about one of my business approaches. I was able to reach out to a handful of trusted advisers – quality people like Tom Martin, Jay Baer, Greg Hartle, Tom Clifford, and others – and immediately get very valuable feedback. They’re part of my brain trust (which also includes many women, by the way – wonderful collaborators like Lisa Petrilli, Meghan Biro, Jane Chin, Jeanne Male, and more).

These are people that help me get smarter and gain clarity. Friends with whom there is a history of shared perspectives and collaboration. Friends. And they all know the door swings both ways.

You’re undoubtedly a smart person. But you’re much smarter with a brain trust – an inner circle of informal advisers who are not mere avatars or Klout superstars. These are the influencers that matter.

You can use social networks to build an audience. That has value. But where is your greatest value going to be? That’s right – the handful of fellow travelers who are on the same path as you, picking  you up when you stumble and sharing the vistas together.

Who are your influencers? And who counts you as a valued friend and collaborator? Build your inner circle and the rest will take care of itself. Trust me on this one.

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12 Responses to Who Are Your Influencers?

  1. Yes! And I’m blessed with inner circleS…one for each area of interest, expertise, and personal angst, although there’s some overlap. Some of these folks I’ve never met IRL but are deep friendships and sources of collegial support cultivated via social media. We live in extraordinary times! Happy New Year.

  2. Thank you sir. Trust me, I learn as much or more from you as you may from me. You’re exactly right that as more and more people go the solopreneur route in this knowledge economy, it’s easy to lose touch. I’ve been thinking about putting together an advisory board for Convince & Convert for the same reasons.

  3. Tom Martin says:


    I have to echo Jay’s sentiment…. your friendship and professional guidance has been (I fear) for more valuable to me than you sir… I always look forward to our Skype sessions and the chance to leverage your knowledge to make myself smarter.

    Looking forward to chatting lots in 2012!

  4. Absolutely! Thank you Steve. I’m very honored to be listed here. More importantly, our friendship means the world to me. I enjoy our online chats and Skype brainstorms when we find time. Having trusted advisors is essential to growth; you’ve been consistent in this regard this past year. Appreciate it so much.

    Here’s to more collaboration in 2012! I’m always here for you.

  5. Steve,

    For well over a decade I have considered you a trusted friend and one of my “go-to” people for collaboration, perspective and clarity. It’s been a wonderful journey of transitions!

    Our inner circle taps my philosophy of, “none of us is as smart as all of us” so your bringing together a cadre of folks with diverse talents makes good sense and good business. But many leaders start and stop there – they fail to harness the collective brain trust. You have done so much more with our inner circle! You have facilitated an increasingly cohesive group of inter-relationships, trust and mutual respect. Because those in the group trust and respect your ability to vet those in the group, we enjoy immediate productivity without the need to prove or posture; so valuable!! Enough about your leadership lest you begin to think as highly of yourself as I do. 😉

    To summarize the Inner Circle experience, the following leapt to mind as I was reading your post: I thoroughly enjoy the intellectual stimulation, diverse perspectives and laughter. I’m grateful to participate in a group where I become exponentially smarter and feel valued because the door swings both ways.

    I know we can build revolving doors to mutual rewards in 2012!

  6. Thank you Steve, I am grateful to have you as a colleague and a friend! I love the term “brain trust” and thank you for including me in this group.

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  8. Honestly, I can’t imagine a week going by without me running something by you… Thank you for the inspiration and true friendship you’ve bestowed on me. You are a blessing in my life!

  9. I feel honored to be a part of your inner circle and blessed to be included with such an amazing group. As the others have so poignantly stated, I have a feeling I receive more than I give.

    Grateful for you!

  10. Lisa Mack says:

    Great point! We are only as good as the people we are surrounded by! I have been blessed, as well! Nice post! Cheers!


  11. All of you guys are wonderful to work with. I can’t imagine how impoverished my life and professional endeavors would be without such a fabulous circle of friends.

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