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My LeadershipChat co-host, Lisa Petrilli, has written a stirring and helpful blog post about gaining a vision for our personal and business lives (Three Steps to Create a Vision for 2012). And, this is our theme for the final #LeadershipChat of 2011 – Vision. Not goals, not resolution – but the inspiring picture of “what could be” that fuels purpose and feeds action.

I liked what Lisa wrote so much about the three steps that I decided, for my pre-chat blog post, to simply apply her principles and see if I could articulate my vision. Here goes:

I strive toward a future where talent and creativity are unleashed to produce remarkable lives and results. I see a workforce driven, not by time clocks and paychecks, but by the internal fires of desire and unique ability channeled into creating value for others.

I see a day dawning where trust networks of real people outstrip the legacy efficiencies of hierarchical corporations; where handshakes and proven character hold more sway than lawyers and regulations.

I long for the day when people choose their career direction because of inherent fit, and where the pathway to success is paved with character, responsibility, diligence, and readiness to provide value.

I look for a time when long-term commitment triumphs over the compromises of short-term thinking.

I am committed to kindling these fires by building networks and business models that are disruptive to the status quo of short-sighted inefficiency, liberating people of talent and ethical character to do their best work and live remarkable lives.

There’s the vision. It has taken shape over decades and is pretty well set in my mind and heart. When you’re in touch with your core beliefs and values (see this excellent post by John Jantsch), your vision begins to take shape.


How does that look when you step forward to a mission statement? Something like this, I guess:

My mission is to be a Connection Agent.

I am connecting people and businesses with their true identity and message; with creative opportunities to grow and succeed; and with other people and resources to bring about increasing success.

I want to leave behind a network of people who are richer because of these connections, and who will follow that example by enriching others.


And how does all that flow out into activity?

The manifestation, so far, is the creation of business referral networks; a self/brand awareness consulting practice (Clarity Therapy); and ongoing tribe-building (LeadershipChat is, in a very important respect, tribe-building). The first two are current sources of revenue; the latter is my long-term commitment to bring together people who want to revolutionize business and life through purposeful use of social networks.


OK, so how about you? Can you take some time this week to go through a similar exercise? Perhaps invest an hour tonight (8 pm ET) on Twitter for #LeadershipChat in order to discuss Vision with some smart, like-minded folks as you look to a new year? Hope to see you there, and to see your vision spelled out in the coming days!


Hire Steve Woodruff if your identity and message need clarity (Clarity Therapy)

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About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

5 Responses to My Business Vision

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  2. Steve G says:

    Steve –

    You should add…to keep it simple so everyone can understand and follow. I truly appreciate your work bcause of the way you break it down it’s simplest terms.

    Your vision – your mission are easy to follow and understand and a person who knows nothing about you can easily understand where you’re going – it is easy to connect the dots!

    Two takeaways…I believe taking the first step is the most daunting task…meaning: We all should have a vision for ourselves (personally and professionally) and a mission that sums it all up – the hardest part is actually doing it…and I believe it starts with not know how, what it looks like, and what the finished product should convey (is your vision and mission every finished or is it a work in progress?)

    The second part is the discipline to stick with it – I believe when something is put in writing, and actually discussed, it than becomes the “Bible” for your actions – the tough part for some is to actually follow what they have dreamed up!!!!

    Thanks Steve for your vision and following thru on it – you have made an impact!


    • Stephen – thanks for stopping by, and for your encouraging words. I think there is an evolutionary process – as time goes on, perhaps the vision is most stable, with more frequent re-visiting of mission and the specific strategies. Keeping focus is definitely a challenge, however – I fell into the trap of trying to make too much happen to soon this past year, and had to narrow my efforts somewhat. That’s where a great-quality network of smart people really come in handy – helping keep you on track!

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  4. seashoremary says:

    Thank you for your mission statement/vision. It adds to my own understanding of building a vision, activating it with ethical standards and yes, of course, the endurance and discipline necessary to bringing your vision to it’s final result.

    Blessings for 2012!

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