The Privilege of Leadership

I find it easy to fall into the pattern of thinking of leadership as a burden, a responsibility. It is that, of course – no leader will deny it – but we also need to remind ourselves that it is an immense privilege.

Nothing good gets done without effective leadership. And if we’re in a position of leadership, people above us or below us (ideally – both!) have seen something in us that is a cut above the ordinary.

That vote of confidence is a privilege.

By and large, we humans are wired to attain. And while some things are solo endeavors, much attainment in life is reserved for directed and motivated team effort. For people to validate our vision and ability, and then follow our lead, is a sacred trust not to be taken lightly.

Yes, we’re all flawed leaders. We know our own flaws better than everyone else, right? (And, we hope that someone doesn’t find out just how inadequate we really feel at times!)

But if someone, by following, implies that we have something good to offer, then let’s take a moment and be grateful for the privilege. You may well be shaping a life that will prove to be profoundly impact-full in the future. As an employer, a coach, or (especially) as a parent, we who lead get to touch the future through multiplication of influence.

What legacy could be better than that?

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