Choose Your Lane

I have a confession to make: I have problems staying in my lane.

You know those views of a bunch of runners, all lined up for the 100 meter dash, the only thing separating them being the little white lines that show which lane is which? While I’m 24 meters into the race in Lane 4, I am itching to jump over to Lane 6. And then 7.

It’s not a winning strategy.

Focus. One race at a time. I have the speed and the drive to win, but am afflicted with Entrepreneur ADHD.

My core business – “matchmaking” pharma clients with optimal vendor/partners (plus some related consulting) – provides virtually all of my revenue. But I have dreams and goals that I can see and almost touch in those other lanes, and keep wandering outside the line. To change the analogy slightly, I see the 100-meter finish line, but figure I can also run a 220, a 440, and a marathon all at the same time.

Or, take the example of social networking. I’ve built pretty strong lanes in LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but when Google+ came along, I was pretty intrigued like many others. In fact, however, G+ right now is of no help whatsoever in creating short-term business impact. It’s a distraction. Great platform, but not productive for the time being.

So, I’m scaling back in some areas of endeavor. Letting some things be more hobby-status while I run in the lane that matters most. Yes, I have these other dreams and ideals, and I trust that they will develop organically, in due time. But let’s run THIS race and then let nature take its course.

No-one wins running 3 races at the same time.


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

4 Responses to Choose Your Lane

  1. Really great article on focusing where the payoff and the need is the greatest while not forgetting media connections and integration. Thanks

  2. Hi Steve,

    Gosh, I can completely relate! My mind fires off more ideas than I can implement at one time and it requires discipline to focus on the manageable before moving on to the next big thing.

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