Who Leadership Chat Has Meant To Me

This is the one-year anniversary of #LeadershipChat on Twitter. Lisa Petrilli and I have been asking people what LeadershipChat has meant to them; some have posted on their blogs (click on the orange link above).

But as I think about my own experience co-leading the chat, I can only think about the WHO. Leadership Chat is about people – wonderful people – and here are some of my memories:

Long discussions and growing collaboration with Sean McGinnis.

Brainstorming and friendship with Fred McClimans.

Having coffee with Brandie McCallum, and speaking at an event she helped organize.

Sharing a drink and giving virtual Klout points to Sam Fiorella.

Finally meeting the irrepressible Meghan Biro after many Tuesday nights with “competing” chat (they finally moved #TChat. Heh.)

Marveling that overseas LC community members like Kenny Rose and Ali Handscomb stay up ’til all hours to participate.

Ongoing “banteraction” (that’s banter-interaction) with pals like Joe Cascio, Kirsten Wright, and Amy Fitch.

A spontaneous and wonderful Italian lunch in Boston with Lou Imbriano.

Moving beyond just pharma-connection into leadership-talk with Mike Capaldi and Kevin Glover.

Getting into friendly on-line debates with Dan Perez.

Seeing the Kneale Mann LC promo tweet. Every Tuesday. 8 pm ET.

Starbucks with Cheryl Burgess here in NJ.

Meeting young adventurer/entrepreneur Greg Hartle in Chicago.

Joking about shoes with Angela Maiers (finally met!) and Tobey Deys (still not met!).

Co-designing a chat client (ChatTagged) with Shannon Whitley, and having fans like Jessica Northey really enjoy it.

Gathering at SOBCon with LC community members like Jeanne Male, Darrell DeRochier, Lisa Diomede, Molly Cantrell-Kraig, Anthony Iannarino, Judy Martin, and others.

Getting a chance to highlight and interact with multiple authors as guests (Becky Carroll, Stephen Denny, Guy Kawasaki, Ann Handley, Steve Farber, Wally Bock, Lou Imbriano, Les McKeown) in order to gain new perspectives from thought-leaders.

Joking about dial-up modems and Dr. Pepper with Twitter chat pioneer and regular participant Mack Collier.

The Cannoli Crew.

And, of course, best of all has been the chance to work in partnership with the lovely and talented Lisa Petrilli in building this community. You see, Leadership Chat is not merely a virtual gathering of like-minded yet diverse people – we seek to grow into face-to-face relationships, gatherings, and collaborations. And that is just what is happening.

The danger, of course, with any list like this, is that at my age, I’m forgetting some folks. But even if the list is partial, you can see the very real, very tangible value of LeadershipChat. It’s not just the What. It’s really about the Who.

Will you celebrate with us Tuesday night, Oct 11, 8 pm ET? Here’s how you can participate! And be sure to read Lisa’s post on what Leadership Chat has meant to her!


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7 Responses to Who Leadership Chat Has Meant To Me

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  2. Thank you Steve! Enjoyed meeting you IRL in NYC. You are a great friend.

    It’s been a lot of fun and I’m honored to be part of the LC Community. #TChat is now every Wed 7-8pm ET Phew for us. Using double hash tags during the chat was a bit too much. Laughs. We are also nearing our one year anniversary.

    Onward we go. Let’s keep telling stories that make a difference. Cheers.

  3. Wow – a year already! I definitely wish I had been able to make more of them and am definitely going to try in the next few weeks. I hope everything is going amazing (and thanks for the mention!)

  4. I’d rather be listed as:
    “Gaining new perspectives from thought-leaders such as Dan Perez.”
    Any chance of an edit?

    PS – Seriously, thanks 🙂

  5. When we do meet IRL, my friend, I will shock you with my footwear! Always a brain rev to hang with everyone on Tuesdays!! Thanks so much and mad props on a great year! My mind and my heart are better for knowing you 🙂
    ~ peace

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