Join the Club

I don’t have my act together. How about you?

Your kids aren’t turning out the way you expected, and you (as a parent) feel woefully inadequate. Things probably aren’t quite as gloomy as you think they are, but nonetheless…

Join the club.

Work-life balance? You’ve chased that elusive goal for years, and like the end of a rainbow, it remains a tantalizing illusion just out of reach. You wonder if your priorities are ever straight, and you never can quite adjust them to where it all feels right.

Yeah – join the club.

At your age, you’re supposed to be a big success with a secure future and a pot of gold in your retirement accounts. Instead, you’re wondering what you’re going to do when you grow up, and hoping nobody knows just how hand-to-mouth your financial life is.

Uh-huh – join the club.

You’ve got a shiny avatar and a slick website, and people praise you for your stage presence as you dispense your pearls of wisdom to the crowd. But you still feel like a failure, and deep inside, you wonder why you’re so lonely and depressed.

Lots of people in that club.

I’d REALLY like to get my act completely together. But the more I get into real life discussions with people, the more I realize that’s a pot of non-existent gold at the end of an invisible rainbow. It’s not happening.

It’s tempting to try to project the “act-together” aura anyway. But I seem to be a permanent member of the reality club. There’s actually a lot of good company there.

If you’re looking, that’s where you’ll find me.


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About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

7 Responses to Join the Club

  1. Carl says:

    And then there is the compulsion to “act together”. This drive deep inside that I know, really, is crazy. I guess we need be ok with dropping the masks. As you point out, when we do we’re sure to find that most around us are feeling the same. It takes courage.

  2. Steve,

    We’re put on Earth for the contrast. It’s in the reality of the contrast, and not the perfection, that we come to understand the depth of our ability to love others, to receive love, and to continually grow from within.

    I love everything about the reality of your friendship and who you are right in this moment! And you know I’ll join a club with you any day!

  3. How on earth can you find your zone if you do not have “contrasts” ( as Lisa and I both call them) to give you feedback to help guide your journey.

    Love seeing the covo around this one as we all grew up being feed a lot of BS around limiting beliefs.

  4. Always enjoy good company on this journey. Appreciate the authentic sharing Steve, it means a great deal.

  5. Point #4…that’s the club I am in. Glad to see I am not the only one struggling with getting my act together (whatever that means…). I’m kind of good with my strange version of reality, it’s working for me 😉

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