Social Media: Trees and Forest

Social media, as we now know it – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the like – that’s all trees. There’s something much bigger in play all around us.

The forest is ubiquitous digital networks.

Social media “stuff” is actually a subset of this much larger technological and cultural movement.

If you want to clearly see what the future is – step away from the trees, and think about the forest. Or, to change the analogy, don’t just focus on the boats – look at where the river current is heading.

Every person, and increasingly, every thing will be a node. What that leads to as far as communication is fascinating to consider. We’re still in the training wheels stage, folks.

Things make a lot more sense when you see the inevitable, inexorable direction of trend currents (as opposed to current trends).

I’ll be painting more of this picture at the Social Media Masters event in NYC next month, if you care to joint me for some forest-gazing!

(Photo: Lake Placid NY from Whiteface Mountain)


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One Response to Social Media: Trees and Forest

  1. Seeing the forest for the trees is an excellent analogy for social media. And, you are right…it is all just beginning…but, for me, that is what is so exciting. The possibilities are endless. In reality, we are all students of what digital media will give to us…some catch on quicker than others but, at the end of the proverbial day, we are all learning about the fabulous power of digital/social media!!
    Thanks for a great post!

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