When Your Branding Zings

It’s been gloomy here of late – grey, rainy, blah – a few days like that and work can become a slog.

Then something brightens your day and makes you want to do a dance. Yesterday, it was a Powerpoint presentation that a client was showing me (I guess I’ve now proven that Powerpoint can make your day!).

A month or so back, I’d enjoyed a very successful Brand Therapy session with this client. We distilled down their identity, their go-to-market message – we all walked out feeling good about the outcomes (which, at that point, was words on paper).

They contracted with a professional to design a slide presentation of the new message, and forwarded me a copy. I was blown away! There, come to life, was the fruit of our labors – beautifully designed and compellingly packaged. I had critiqued previous company presentations (which is how I arrived at doing this assignment) because they were overly-complex, unfocused, and did not have a simple differentiating message. The new presentation? Laser-sharp. Convincing. Memorable. It zinged!

So, here’s the recipe. Get clarity around your identity and message. Get simplicity and a compelling narrative around the showing and telling of it. You’ll be so far ahead of your competitors it won’t even be fair. Very few companies, brands, and even individuals have a clear message. What an opportunity for the rest of us!

I’ve seen so many unfocused marketing approaches, and more bad Powerpoint than I care to remember. Yesterday, I saw what’s possible. Call me a marketing nerd, but the clouds broke and the day seemed much brighter afterward (actually, that did happen). A sweet presentation isn’t everything. But it’s a great step toward opening minds and wallets!


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