Microsoft Announces Minus, New Social Network for Pharma

While high-profile social networks like Facebook and Google+ have recently made splashy announcements to try to gain the attention of the masses, Microsoft has been quietly, and brilliantly, working on a new social network custom-designed for pharma.

Steve Woodruff, the Pharmaceutical Connection Agent, was given an exclusive sneak peak at the platform, dubbed Minus, which is being launched today to a beta audience of one pharma company, one patient, and 25 lawyers. While detailed screen shots were not yet approved by Regulatory, a mockup of the interface was obtained, showing the sensitivity of Microsoft designers to the constraints of pharmaceutical industry communications. (click to biggify —>)

Steve Ballmer, President of Microsoft, beamed as he read a carefully prepared and vetted statement to members of the press, who were not allowed to ask questions or engage in dialogue during the announcement. “Here at Microsoft, we understand legacy systems, bureaucracy, and the need to consider the past when developing for the future. That’s why we’re the ideal partner for the pharmaceutical industry to create a social platform that will reflect how controlled, one-way, non-interactive communications can occur in this modern world of digital networks. This is what social media is all about – MINUS all that social stuff.

“Now, please view these 17 slides of disclaimers, safety warnings, software contraindications, and approved uses for Minus.”

The announcement was hailed as a great advancement for an industry dogged by difficulties participating in the public, free-wheeling world of social networks. “For years, we’ve struggled with how to communicate with the public in a safe, controlled manner that will keep us out of trouble,” said one VP of Marketing, whose identity could not be revealed due to privacy concerns. “Now, we can get our messages out there on the Twitter and the Facebook by using this Minus thing to…to…say more stuff. You know, join the conversation.”

While it wasn’t yet clear who exactly would participate on the Minus platform, this was viewed as no barrier to adoption. “We’ll just pull a Google+ on everyone and make it limited rollout for everyone in pharma who has a Klout score of 82 and above, or who has a value of 1,000 or more on Empire Avenue,” explained Ballmer. “That ought to get us to critical mass in no time.”

To appeal to its target audience, Microsoft enlisted the avatar of ancient Uncle Sam Wilson as the key figure in its marketing campaign. “Old Sam had just the right look-and-feel that we wanted to accelerate uptake of the platform,” said VP of Minus Biz Dev Sam Wilson IV. “Doesn’t he just exude social control?”

Addressing the thorny issue of user-generated content in a regulated environment, Ballmer scoffed, “UGC is so 2009. We’re looking to the future by hearkening to the past. Remember the good old days of DOS? Guess what computing kernel powers Minus?”

Reporters were encouraged to submit questions via an analog “Suggestion Box,” all of which would be reviewed by an approval committee and selectively answered within 3 weeks via a special Minus application using U.S. Mail.

(please do not tweet or share this link without prior authorization from a qualified lawyer. Any harm that comes from using this blog post in a way that it was not intended must be immediately reported to proper authorities. 9 out of 10 regulators surveyed approved this message)


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3 Responses to Microsoft Announces Minus, New Social Network for Pharma

  1. Adam says:

    I was all ready to throw a MS-DOS compatibility issue question in my comments and you had it near the end of your post. Thanks for stealing my thunder Steve!

    When do you think they will release the patch for Windows 3.1? I can’t wait to test the new GUI interface.

  2. steveolenski says:

    I shared your post, without reading it, to some of my co-workers…shame on me because someone else just brought to my attention that this is a fake story.

    I may be overreacting but given your experience and reputation in pharma, people will tend to believe what you write and may, like I did, go by your title alone as this , on the face of it, sounded like big news. You know how people “scan” the net and again given your reputation, people will go by what you say as being gospel.

    To wait until the end to let us in on the joke was, to me, weak, at best.

    Again I may be overreacting but I tweeted and shared this story on its merit as did others, our mutual friend @lisapetrili and now I look ridiculous.

    So shame on me for only going by your title… and not doing my due diligence.

    Steve O

    • SteveO,
      Over the years, my spoof posts have been some of the most popular – maybe every 5-8 weeks the inspiration hits. They do get RT’d and passed along a lot, as people appreciate a good laugh. So not to worry about looking ridiculous (unless you’re the FDA, which I tend to tweak a lot lately).
      Reading all the way through first is recommended, however, so you know whether to throw a :>) in front of your tweet!

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