First Twitter Chat M&A Activity Announced!

The on-line rumor mill is buzzing with the news that #LeadershipChat has made an unsolicited (but friendly) bid to acquire #TChat (TalentCulture Chat) for a sum equaling a 3.5x annual revenue multiple, plus a hashtag to be named later.

“For months, we’ve been eyeballing #TChat’s growing audience, which occupies the same time slot (8 pm ET Tuesday) during which we convene,” stated Steve Woodruff doppelganger Connection Agent, co-founder of #LeadershipChat. “In fact, many participants were attempting to participate in both chats simultaneously, leading to hashtag distortion fields and chaotic chat neutrino interference. For that reason, we figured we’d better just absorb #TChat, which also gives us Meghan Biro and a couple of minor-league avatar draft choices.”

According to Lisa Petrilli, acknowledged as the real brains behind #LeadershipChat, “Our M&A advisors at J.P. Morgan figured that #TChat was worth at least one large platter of cannolis plus a pair of fiery red stilettos, but we figured we’d base our offer on revenue, which was a much simpler calculation. Competing as two separate chats was clearly a zero-sum game. Turns out that combining was as well!”

Response from the two chat communities was mostly positive. Lurker Mack Collier, founder of #BlogChat, figures any arrangement that dilutes the influence of Steve Woodruff has to be positive. “I can never understand half the stuff he rails on about anyway. Meghan and Lisa, I get. This can only expand the audience of people who aren’t interested in seeing metaphysical concepts reduced into 140-character soundbites.”

Meghan Biro was not available for comment due to a confidentiality clause in the agreement, but according to DMs brought to the surface from her hacked Twitter account, she was preparing to launch her next venture, tentatively called #WhatWereTheyThinking?Chat. Negotiations were well underway to feature a NY congressman as the first guest host of the new chat.

===> Um…OK, the above is a spoof. But, in fact, #LeadershipChat and #TChat ARE having our first joint chat on Tuesday night, June 14th, at 8 pm ET. Please join us as we discuss the topic together: How Magnetic Leadership Attracts the Best Talent. Please use both hashtags (#LeadershipChat #TChat) as you participate!

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7 Responses to First Twitter Chat M&A Activity Announced!

  1. I’m just unclear on one thing – do I get to keep the platter of cannolis & the fiery red stilettos? Hope so ’cause I wore the stilettos this weekend… 😉

  2. Tobey Deys says:

    I’m not sure if I want to see Mr Woodruff in the stilettos but I bet his doppelganger rocks them! Bigs Ups and Mad Props!! (Word on Mack Collier’s thoughts … 😉

  3. Kenny Rose says:

    Ha, Ha

    I love this post Sir. Great. Collaboration is what this space is all about. Well done.

  4. John Lake says:

    Will shareholders/contributors get to vote on this at tomorrow’s meeting?

  5. You are lucky I have a sense of humor!! I love it.

    PS: This is our joint first – and our last! No, never. You know I love to collaborate.

    Thanks for sharing. See you at TC HQ for further discussions re: M & A.

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