Announcing the QWERTY Thirty in Social Media!

There has been a proliferation of lists lately circulating in the blogosphere/Twittersphere: 40 Brilliant Women that Must be Followed or You’re Done For. Awesomely Hunky Men in Tech.  99.5 Clowns (still waiting for Gary Vee to publish this one).  You know, arbitrary feel-good lists that allow us to pat people on the back and tell them we think they’re cool. Plus, it’s linkbait.

So I thought this morning I’d make up my own: Awesome People Who Are On This List Because I Said So.

No gender. No reason. Pure, arbitrary choice.

But wait! This should be a community project! We all should have our say-so. Have you come across someone who uses a QWERTY keyboard to express their awesome? Or even their not-too-awesome? Then help create the QUERTY Thirty list:








Go ahead – create this list by adding your favorite people in the comments. Put ’em on this stellar list just because you say so! The list closes at 5 pm ET. That’s arbitrary, too.

(what if we end up with 746 names? Simple. We’ll just round it down to 730 to keep things rhyme-y!)


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3 Responses to Announcing the QWERTY Thirty in Social Media!

  1. JoeCascio says:

    @rhappe Rachel Happe is a cofounder of and wrote an incredibly insightful blog post about emergent, self-organizing behavior and the streets of India.

  2. Gavin Heaton without a doubt. Oh, and CK. And Lisa P. And Steve Olenski. And Liz & Terry. And Connie Reece.

    I know you’re holding out for the hunky men of Twitter list, so I won’t mention you! ;-}

  3. Oh wow…there are just too many to mention. Can you take a look at my amazing twitter list? Yeah, all of them! 😉

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