Do Me a Favor at SOBCon

Later this week, I’m planning on enjoying a few happy days of networking at the annual SOBCon gathering in Chicago. And, if you’re attending, I want to ask you a favor.

But first, a funny story from last week…

I walked into an agency for a brainstorming session, and one of the folks there was surprised at my appearance. I mean, he knew I was coming, but he’d been following me on Twitter for a while, and for some odd reason, he thought I was some kind of intimidating 6’5″ behemoth. Maybe it’s that Steve 3-D avatar which does have a certain Terminator quality to it, but really – I pretty much look like a regular guy! Intimidating? Nah….

And no matter how I come across publicly or on-line, when in large groups, I’m actually the one who feels a bit intimidated. The shy gene never fully disappears, I guess.

So, do me a favor. As Carol Roth did last year (and I never forgot her for it), if you want to meet me, just come up and introduce yourself. I want to make the most of every moment in Chicago, which means talking to you, not drifting self-consciously in the crowd.

Oh, and fair warning on three things:

1. If there’s actually time to talk, I’ll cut through the fluff pretty quickly and really get to know you.

2. You’ll understand me if you have a sense of humor.

3. I do hugs. Despite my New England upbringing.

See you in Chicago!


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6 Responses to Do Me a Favor at SOBCon

  1. Have fun at SOBCon, Steve! Liz talked about it at EventCamp and it sounds like a truly wonderful event.

  2. Carol Roth says:

    I do recall that Steve- you were one of the first people that I met. I didn’t know anyone, so was thrilled to meet someone as wonderful as you. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  3. Joseph Ruiz says:

    Ah i do remember our meeting in the weight room last year. No SobCon for me this year. I know you will enjoy your time.
    All the Best

  4. Bret Simmons says:

    Do me a favor at SOBCON, Steve. Sit with someone you don’t know. When groups get formed, find a group of folks you don’t know and give them your time. My big disappointment about my SOBCON experience (don’t think you were at mine) was all the “experts” sat with each other. Sit with new folks and see what you can do to help them – they will get more out of SOBCON and I bet that you will too. Have fun!

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