What to Expect at LeadershipChat

During this week’s LeadershipChat (transcript) on Twitter, I noted one tweet fly past that indicated that there was not much “actionable” in the 1-hour discussion.

That observation was only partly true, but it made me think: people coming into a LeadershipChat discussion may not know what to expect, and it’s a good idea to level-set by explaining what we’re cultivating in this growing community discussion each week.

So, let’s start with the Nots. Here’s what not to expect on Tuesday nights at LeadershipChat:

1. Don’t expect a nicely packaged action plan. This is a weekly cocktail party and discussion on specific topics, with the kinds of side conversations, disagreements, and budding new friendships that you’d expect at any get-together. Nobody is there for a corporate strategy meeting.

2. Don’t expect rah-rah groupthink. We’re there to explore, and push on ideas, and break some new ground. Each week, you’ll typically see one or two tweets starting with the word, “Disagree.” When that stops, we’ve lost our way.

3. Don’t expect to keep up with everything. It’s a very free-flowing discussion area – you need to latch onto a few people and topics each week, and pick and choose your interactions. Otherwise, it’s just too much to digest.

OK, now – here’s what you can expect:

1. Expect a warm reception. This is a very friendly, warm, and inviting group. We (Lisa Petrilli and I, the co-moderators) have sought to cultivate an atmosphere that is like a Tuscan dining room. LeadershipChat is not just information exchange – it’s a virtual get-together of people who really like each other’s company. You’re welcome to lurk in the shadows for a week or two just to get used to it, but really – we’d rather you just dive in.

2. Expect to walk away with one or two jewels each week. While you may not get a 10-point action plan, you will be able to learn some important, 140-character-sized perspectives from some very smart people who are contributing.

3. Expect some banter. It’s not all “on-topic” – you’ll see jokes from our Italian contingent about cannolis; you’ll see certain members ripping on each other for being absent the week before; you’ll see all kinds of mutual greetings during the first 10 minutes, etc., etc. You know – like family.

4. Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone. We’re trying to explore topics on LeadershipChat that can be a bit provocative. We’ve discussed male and female roles, the place of love in leadership, macho-style leadership, mentoring, jerks (yes – jerks), squelchers – and we’ll continue to fearlessly explore topics together that some may feel squeamish about discussing in a corporate leadership environment.

And, while we’re discussing this – all you LeadershipChat folks feel free to give your thoughts in the Comments – what do YOU expect at LeadershipChat on Tuesday nights?

So this, at least in part, is what you can look forward to when you join us (every Tuesday night, 8 pm ET on Twitter – use the hashtag #LeadershipChat). We look forward to setting a seat for you at the table!


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6 Responses to What to Expect at LeadershipChat

  1. Steve says:

    I have personally only been to 3 or 4 LeadershipChats and totally agree with Steve. I get out of my time, exactly what I expected. Different views, lively discussion and a few points that I had either forgotten or are new to me. Also, I have gotten a few blog topics – that were stuck in my head.. Thanks for unsticking them.

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  4. Steve,

    Albeit biased, I have received inspiration from the words written by those in the Leadership Chat Community every single week, and I’ve been further inspired by tweets between members saying they feel the same way.

    And a shift in my thinking that came about from Leadership Chat made a difference in my real life, in a real way, just this morning.

    So, while I don’t think we can guarantee it – I think we can safely say that if you participate on a somewhat frequent basis you can definitely expect to be inspired in a way that IS actionable. 🙂

    Thank you for writing this post!

    Lisa Petrilli

  5. One thing I know for sure after reading this post: I wish I weren’t gone and unable to be on the computer every Tuesday night! Darn, this sounds right up my alley, and the kind of chat I like most.

    I hope it goes on a long time, and maybe one day I’ll actually make it, if our plans undergo a change. DANG!

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