A Satisfied Elenco Customer

Here is the story, in bullet points:

  1. For Christmas, we got our 9-year old Seth a cool electronic snap circuits toy (made by Elenco Electronics) – various parts and pieces that kids can use to create simple electronic circuits.
  2. Dog decided to try out her teeth on several pieces. The teeth worked. The pieces no longer did.
  3. Wife contacts Elenco (e-mail) about the several DOA pieces. They promptly respond back by e-mail that the specific pieces outlined by my wife will be replaced.
  4. Package comes: new parts. No charge. Not even shipping. Happy wife. Happy Seth.
  5. Happy customer gives public, on-line back pat and recommendation for “blog-worthy” service.

And that, folks, is how customer service works.

(btw, I wrote a similar post about a similar customer experience with Legos 2 years ago. And that post has been one of the most heavily trafficked EVER on my blog.)


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4 Responses to A Satisfied Elenco Customer

  1. Elmer Boutin says:

    I bought one of those kits for my youngest son when he was in grade school. He messed around with it for a long time (OK – so did I). The fact that it’s a great, educational toy backed up by over-the-top customer service makes it a great recommendation for my friends who have younger kids. Way to go, Elenco!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Steve.

  2. Joseph Ruiz says:

    No doubt point 4 should be amended to reflect happy Steve! great story and you are right this is how it works.

  3. Glad to keep seeing positive customer service stories on your blog, Steve. Keep the faith, you rock!

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