Five Reasons Why You’ll Love LeadershipChat

A growing group of thinkers/doers has been gathering on Tuesday evenings (8 pm ET) for a weekly event called #LeadershipChat.

We gather around a virtual table on Twitter and discuss various topics around leadership in business. And in a relatively short 2 months, quite an energized group of attendees have chosen to spend that hour together – an hour that flies by faster than any other in the week.

So why will you love #LeadershipChat when you join in? Here are 5 simple reasons.

  1. LeadershipChat is warm. One of the first things you’ll notice is the friendly and welcoming climate. LC is designed to be like a Tuscan dinner table, and you can’t help but enjoy the banter and feel the love (yes, I said love).
  2. Smart people congregate there. I’ve tuned into other chats, with plenty of smart folks as well, but you’ll find a concentration of sharp thinkers at LeadershipChat who challenge our ideas quite regularly, in 140 characters.
  3. You will find lots of new people to follow. Already, in a few weeks, we’ve seen a growing network of people discovering each other through LeadershipChat, some of whom are already communicating and collaborating outside of the weekly event.
  4. While the topics are both practical and sometimes even edgy, we have an awful lot of fun each week – before, during, and after LeadershipChat.
  5. Lisa Petrilli is one of the co-moderators. Enough said.

So, if you haven’t yet taken a seat at the table, please join us. Tonight, Tuesday December 21 is an “Open Mic” night, so any topic of interest to you can be placed on the table (hint: one very easy way to participate is by using a client like Tweetchat. Just log in, read the stream of thoughts that are being shared, and feel free to chime in with your reactions and questions.).


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

9 Responses to Five Reasons Why You’ll Love LeadershipChat

  1. Liz Brenner says:

    Great post Steve! I especially agree with #1. Every time I join I feel welcomed and listened to! Thanks to you and Lisa.

  2. Well at least 4 of these are brilliantly accurate…that last one’s extremely debatable. 🙂

    Think you succinctly defined the amazing, inspiring community that is #LeadershipChat – so honored to be at the table with you every week, Steve!


  3. Steve,
    I could not agree more! It is by far one of the most worthwhile, inspiring, and informative hours you will spend on the web, and I can not recommend it enough. You and Lisa have done an amazing job of making not only newcomers, but those “outside” your field welcome and appreciated.

    Literally, every voice is valued. And, even if you chose to come and not tweet, you are guaranteed to be impacted. The tweet I always send at the end of #leadershipchat is this one:

    I am smarter than I was an hour ago…enough said!

  4. Adam says:

    I’ll be joining tonight, very excited to see what everyone has to say!


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