Where’s Your Following?

Maybe there’s an interview question we’re missing…

We get so used to the list of roles/titles/accomplishments/awards on a resume, that it can blind us to what really matters, at least when it comes to those being entrusted with leadership.

Let’s start asking this: Where’s your following?

For this week’s #LeadershipChat on Twitter, we’re going to talk about the engaged and connected leader, based on thoughts springing from this excellent article by Howard Behar and Michael Lee Stallard called, Overcoming Leadership Myopia (be sure to read that post, and the creative blog post written by my Leadership Chat co-moderator Lisa Petrilli, before the chat on Tuesday night at 8 pm ET)

Here is a juicy quote from the Behar/Stallard article:

Gradually over time, America has become overly obsessed about managing tasks. In our quest to produce results, we have lost sight of the importance of engaging people. As human beings we have emotions. We have hopes and dreams. We have a conscience. We want to be respected, to be recognized for our talents, to belong, to have autonomy or control over our work and our lives, to experience personal growth, and to do work that we believe is worthwhile and in a way that we feel is ethical. It’s how we are wired. When we work in an environment that recognizes these realities of our human nature, we thrive. We feel more energetic, more optimistic, and more fully alive. When we work in an environment that fails to recognize these realities, it affects our ability to become engaged and deliver sustainable results. It’s also damaging to our mental and physical health. All the Six-Sigma, Lean, benchmarking and metrics in the world won’t help us lead people if we fail to recognize these realities. Leadership is all about the human experience.

So, if someone is a true leader, it should be evident in multiple spheres of life. Where are your followers? And – very important – how are they doing?

The measure of a good doctor isn’t the number of degrees posted on the wall, or the rich appointments of the office. It’s the health of his patients.

Maybe the new job posting should be: WANTED – Great Leader. Key Qualification – Thriving Followers.

While “past performance is no guarantee of future results,” when it comes to leadership, it’s probably a pretty darn good indicator!

Join us on Twitter at 8 pm ET Tuesday (hashtag: #LeadershipChat) and let’s talk about leader engagement! (hint: one very easy way to participate is by using a client like Tweetchat. Just log in, read the stream of thoughts that are being shared, and feel free to chime in with your reactions and questions.)

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  1. tom martin says:

    A damn fine question sir — will try and join if I can… if not, I’ll just have to settle for the transcript.


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