Leadership Squelch

It’s an (unfortunately) common and disheartening reality for many talented and driven professionals.

You want to try new things. Make work better. Show some initiative and leadership. And often, the response is something like this:

So, what do you do when it seems that corporate control and fragile management egos trump your ability to develop into a leader? Do you stay and work for change? Hold out sullenly until something better comes along? Or just leave?

At Leadership Chat this Tuesday night, we’ll be talking about what happens when initiative meets squelch. Join us on Twitter at 8 pm ET (hashtag: #LeadershipChat) and let’s discuss this all-too-common dilemma! And before you pull up a seat at the table, be sure to read the perspectives of my lovely and talented co-host, Lisa Petrilli, which will be published on her blog Tuesday morning!

(hint: one very easy way to participate is by using a client like Tweetchat. Just log in, read the stream of thoughts that are being shared, and feel free to chime in with your reactions and questions.)


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