Auto Dealers and Social Media

Since I’ll be speaking this week on a panel about social media and car dealerships, here is a collection of interesting links I’ve collected with the help of friends in my network (& Google!) – how automobile marketing can be enhanced (or damaged!) via the power of social media:

Still wondering if social media is a growth opportunity. Just spend a minute watching this real-time chart update itself. And here are a bunch of infographics showing growth and usage – stunning.

I will say that my experience thus far with automobile dealers has been mostly negative. I’m still waiting to work with a dealer that is:

– more interested in the long-term relationship than the immediate deal,

– pro-actively helpful and friendly even if a sale is not immediate, and

– transparent and up-front about pricing.

None of the above is rocket science, but all of it would earn major points in a socially-networked world. So, how can an auto dealer effectively use social networking to grow business?

1. You have to be good – so customers freely and gladly recommend you (first and foremost in importance!).

2. You need to be “find-able” on-line, with a helpful website and a social presence that makes people feel welcome.

3. You need to be astonishingly responsive.

4. You need to follow through with a positive experience at every level.

Note that the most important factors are those things that have always been most vital in establishing a reputable business. Social media only magnifies – for better or for worse – who you already are.


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5 Responses to Auto Dealers and Social Media

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  2. Steve thanks for including us in your post. Hopefully some of the more specific stuff I forwarded can be of some use and help to your panel discussion and your audience. A few of the things that help us do what you mention dealers should; We have been around forever (since 1847) so we were in business as a really small business when all you had were long term relationships. People couldn’t see a commercial for a cheaper horse buggy down the street and go there. We had to build relationships, and still try to. We are in a small town. When you are in a town of 30,000 you better treat everyone right or everyone else will know about it. If you have these types of practices and on site experiences in place it makes it easier to start online marketing and community building initiatives. Without our on site experience and ownership support we wouldn’t have half the traction we do online. Best of luck with your panel and spread the good word 🙂

    Chris Theisen
    Director of Digital Communications
    Hare Chevrolet
    Noblesville, IN

  3. Steve, it’s interesting that this topic has come up in my conversations so much over the last month. I just had another one this morning re: auto dealers and social media. It seems many are realizing they need to start taking social media seriously and they are waking up to its power for good – or bad – for their business. I look forward to watching the evolution!

    Also, thank you for linking to my post about Toyota and Ford. I am glad I could be a resource for you.

    Good luck on your panel – will there be any opportunity for us non-present to view it? I’d love to see it.

    Thanks so much,
    Christine Perkett

  4. Steve, thank you for including a link to one my posts! Good luck on your panel!

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