Multi Me-dia: Connection Agent

I’m writing up a brief series of posts to explain the various identities I maintain on-line, via blogs and here on Twitter.

Why do I have these identities? Well, I have several quite different networks (with some overlap), and I fear overwhelming people who are interested in one aspect of my thinking and sharing (say, business networks) with a flood of information about another (say, pharma).

So, I maintain one ID that is Steve 3-D, where I interact with pretty much everyone, while also feeding three other streams that are more topical.

One of those identities is Connection Agent, which is my account focused on the business (and people) of social networking. The term “Connection Agent” is also my comprehensive brand – it’s who I am and what I do across all networks. Connection Agent is a blog (which you’re on right now), and a Twitter account. I use the Twitter account to share great resources that I find on networked communications, and also to re-tweet thought leaders in the space. If you want to know my top thought leaders and influencers, just look at who I follow at @ConnectionAgent.

I have downstream plans to create new business approaches via Connection Agent, but right now, I’ve still got my hands plenty full with Impactiviti. I believe that whole new ways of doing business via networks of quality people (Opportunity Networks) are possible. For now, a lot of the posts I write here on Connection Agent focus on social networks, marketing, and leadership.

So if you want to learn more and connect more with the social networking for business crowd, I’ll try to be your Connection Agent. If you want to interact with me on Twitter, we’ll still do that at @swoodruff. Make sense?

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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

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