Multi Me-dia: Steve 3-D

What’s a Steve 3-D??

Well, this week, I’m going to briefly explain the various identities I maintain on-line, via blogs and here on Twitter. And that’s one of them – the 360 degrees, HD, 3-D version.

In brief, there’s a pharma/healthcare me (@Impactiviti). The there’s the network business me (@ConnectionAgent).  Personal and inspirational stuff, including daily photos: that’s @StevesFree. Finally, there’s @LeadershipChat [shared with Lisa Petrilli] a place where we talk leadership and network around a weekly Twitter chat (8 pm ET Tuesdays).

For me, that’s plenty to keep up with – and it may be rather confusing for you! So, here’s how it works:

All of those Twitter accounts (and corresponding blogs) above are more topical in nature. They are concentrated sources of information and networking contacts so that if you have shared interests in those areas, you can get the “full dose” through those accounts. The people I follow and promote through those accounts are also my equivalent of “Follow Friday” recommendations, by interest area. Think of them more as streams from which to drink, than the get-together on the back deck.

What about interacting, however? That’s @swoodruff, my main Twitter account. Here, I share nuggets from all the different areas of interest, as well as take a more “lifestreaming” approach (today’s wine; family stuff; pix of great food; snarky observations; on-the-fly pictures of stuff; etc.) And here, we talk and exchange and interact. This is my broadest network, and it’s  Steve in 3-D, warts and all.

So, if you just want the simplest approach, find me at @swoodruff and let’s get to know one another. Next,  we’ll give a quick overview of the @Impactiviti account, which is the channel for my entrepreneurial pharma consulting business. If you’re in pharma or healthcare, there you’ll find a more concentrated network of people in the industry, and a higher-proof blend of news and resources.

And, of course, you’re welcome to follow multiple accounts, according to your interests. And if you’re a glutton for punishment….!


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

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