Are Women Better Leaders than Men? Puh-lease!

Talk about plunging our feet into controversy! What are we thinking, taking on this topic for our 2nd weekly #LeadershipChat?

Well, stirring the pot, that’s what!

Lisa Petrilli and I are reacting to this article recently published by Forbes, called “Girls Rule.” It’s an interesting read, about how well some public companies are doing under female CEOs.

Of course, as usual, people want to generalize based on exceedingly narrow data pools. Sigh. Can’t we get past these dumb, divisive approaches?

Here is Lisa’s take on the issue, in which she raises some great questions. On the other hand, below is my rant. I don’t often use the word “stupid” in video blogs. But it only takes a few seconds into this one to pull that word out the hat.

Here’s the main point: Certain people will be better leaders for certain groups of people, in certain situations. It’s not a matter of male or female superiority in leadership. It boils down to the individual case.

What do you think? Read the Forbes article, read Lisa Petrilli’s post, and give it some thought.

Then join us Tuesday night (8 pm ET) for #LeadershipChat on Twitter (hint: one very easy way to participate is by using a client like Tweetchat. Just log in, read the stream of thoughts that are being shared, and feel free to chime in with your reactions and questions.)


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2 Responses to Are Women Better Leaders than Men? Puh-lease!

  1. Bret Simmons says:

    You were doing well until the end, Steve. So correct that the simple study cited (which I hope people will read) leaves too many variables unexplained to conclude that the gender of the leader caused corporate performance. But at the end you suggest we should “just figure out who is the best person for the job.” Women and minorities will tell you that’s la-la-land (ok, bullshit). There are strong forces at work that keep women from rising to the place where they even have the opportunity to take the lead of a company. Work never has been, and still today is not, a level playing field.

    Good luck with this one tomorrow! Bret

    • Bret,
      Thanks for your comment. While there may be a negative track record due to “good-ole-boy” practices, for that very reason I think that we need to STOP the practice of dividing people along gender or race lines – in any direction – and simply focus on who is best for the particular job. Idealistic – yes. I plead guilty to that!

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