Leadership and Power – Let’s Chat!

Tonight, Tuesday Oct. 12th, will be the inaugural #LeadershipChat on Twitter. If you’ve missed the prior notifications, here is where I announced this joint venture with my co-conspirator Lisa Petrilli. #LeadershipChat will be held at 8 pm ET Tuesday nights, starting today!

Our approach will be to take one highly discuss-able topic, and before the chat, write up our perspectives (usually it will spring from an article by a third party). Here is our theme this week: Leadership and Organizational Power. Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer is interviewed for this piece called The One Thing You Need to Get Ahead, and we both have strong reactions to it (please read it for yourself ahead of the chat!)

Here is Lisa’s post yesterday on her blog (which is excellent, by the way – subscribe if you haven’t already)! Below is my video-blog reaction. I really REALLY wanted to do a scorched-earth evisceration of the article but instead, tried to be at least halfway civil (no guarantees on restraint tonight – it might get pretty free-wheeling)! It’ll be interesting to hear your reactions and perspectives as we discuss it.

These links should be enough to get your wheels turning for the chat! Grab a glass of wine and let’s talk – just search on the term #LeadershipChat on Twitter (hint: one very easy way to participate is by using a client like Tweetchat. Just log in, read the stream of thoughts that are being shared, and feel free to chime in with your reactions and questions. It’s one fun and fast-paced hour)!


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3 Responses to Leadership and Power – Let’s Chat!

  1. Completely off topic – but what do you use for video blogging? I am going to start video blogging next year and am looking for as much advice as possible 🙂 This video looked (and sounded) really good, so I figured I’d ask!

    BTW – the video was also great on content and I loved your point about the fact that we give people the leadership sometimes without them earning it, simply because they are above us…

  2. Kirsten, I just use my iPhone, believe it or not!

  3. Jeanne Male says:

    Well, my friend…

    I responded to Lisa’s post before you put your counter-point up and alas…we are in alignment. I commented that I think it’s less about genders but rather ideally the “appropriate” mix of yin and yang. Really regret having to miss this tweet volley as I’m sure it will really be something.

    Any chance of publishing the TweetChat Transcript?


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