Tweeting with the Stars

What are you doing during Prime Time on Tuesday nights?

I know what I’ll be doing – Tweeting with the Stars! Because starting next Tuesday (Oct 12th) at 8 pm (ET), something new and exciting is being added to your on-line lineup.

And you’re free to not only tune in, but dance tweet with us!

Leadership Chat (#LeadershipChat) debuts on Tuesday evenings, hosted by on-line Twitter emcees Lisa Petrilli and Steve Woodruff. Now I’m not quite sure about Lisa, but her co-host definitely can’t dance – not on-line, not off-line, not line dancing, nuthin’! But we do tweet, and we share a passion for principled, effective leadership. As we’ll bet you do.

So YOU get to be the stars as we all chat together about Leadership topics each week. While these one-hour Twitter chats will be free-flowing, there will also be thought-provoking themes, which we’ll introduce on our blogs beforehand each week – perhaps with some point/counter-point edginess (when I read the article which will provide the topic for our first discussion, I got kinda riled up!). Here’s Lisa’s take on the announcement.

The topics will focus on leadership, but you don’t need to be some kind of executive honcho to take part. The fact is, how leaders lead affects us all, and we hope to enjoy a wide range of opinions on effective leadership. And you should know that I like Lisa very much and all, but I’m from the blow-up-the-old-structures entrepreneurial side of the tracks, and she’s done a lot of that corporate gig thing.

There are other tweet chats out there, and some of them are pretty good, but LeadershipChat will be the best. Don’t take my word for it. This comes straight from the White House:

So join us for the inaugural whirl around the chat floor next week! You’ll come out of it enlightened, exhilarated, or at the very least dizzy with new insights! And in the meantime, follow us on Twitter at @LeadershipChat. Yes, that’s your call to action, but we’re asking nicely…! :>}


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4 Responses to Tweeting with the Stars

  1. Jeanne Male says:

    Steve, No doubt you and Lisa will be the dynamic duo. No problem if you can’t dance – I already see you as Twitter DJs and can almost hear the banter. It’s also sure to be an amazing set list so I’ll be tuning-in!

  2. @mckra1g says:

    Two great tweeps who sound great together! (Yes, I cribbed a jingle from Reese’s peanut butter cups, but it’s true = you guys make a dynamic duo).

    Looking forward to tuning in on Tuesday nights! #Leadershipchat FTW! 🙂

  3. David Perdew says:

    Great idea, Steve. I’m surprised there isn’t more of these types of meetups going on in Twitter. Actually, I’ll bet there are, we just haven’t taken the time to look around for them. This one should be interesting though. I’ll be looking forward to the lively banter.

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